Cogito Ergo Sum

Thrilled to share from our first International Feauture Writer from Zimbabwe, Dumo Nyathi. She graduated with a LLB(Hons) from University of London. She is passionate about being passionate. She is fuelled by the desire to give people passion for their lives, career and ministry. She is a long time Sunday School teacher and peer leader so influencing and nurturing minds is one of her gifts. Currently she is working with The Life Project: restoring order to one of her country’s biggest referral hosptials. The Life Project is refurbishing the maternity hospital-Mpilo hospital. They raise funds through fundraising events to redo the wards from walls to machines.She currently attends River of life International. Enjoy!

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” – Henry David Thoreau

To be quite frank, the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the quote above is: how utterly exhausting it must be to have to think the same thoughts over and over. And yet, somewhere in the crevices of my mind where I store up all my wisdom, I knew that thought is an extremely potent and life-changing weapon, no matter how one chooses to use it.

I took time to examine the power of thought and what I subsequently re-discovered has changed the direction of my thought life and ultimately my life itself.

Most of our thoughts are translated to images in our minds and so those images are the ones that have the power to propel us. If you want to graduate from university and yet all you envision is you waking up to failure, it is extremely difficult for you to succeed. However, if you see yourself in a cap and gown: you automatically feel motivated and driven. What you allow to dominate your thought mind relays into your everyday life. For instance, if you wake up every single Monday and think ‘oh gosh how I hate Mondays’ you are very UNLIKELY to ever have a Monday that you actually enjoy, regardless of how good a day it is. Your predominant thoughts will influence your behaviour and attitude and control your actions and reactions. Continue reading

Slowly Release the Clutch

The Final Part of Simba Mazhani A Balancing Act, continues to challenge apathy and urges allowing yourself to step out and walk in God’s purpose for you. Enjoy

Slowly Release the Clutch ~ We need to move away from our comfort zones. I liken the clutch to a church.The majority of Christians, nowadays, base their faith on their institution of worship. A fellowship, to them, is incomplete without a PA system. A church is not a church if it has members of less than 100, if it has no dancing, no organ, no liturgy, no projector etc.

This mentality makes people to gather in large numbers for a congregational experience but leave afterwards, being destitute of a real church experience. However, if I recall Christ’s final instructions to the disciples well, He never said “stay ye therefore in mega churches, preaching to each other.” He said “GO!!” (Matthew 28:19).

The clutch is there to facilitate a smooth transition from one gear to another, but the driver is not meant to permanently plant their foot on the clutch pedal as they drive. Such an act would cause unspeakable damage to the car!

Likewise, a church is meant to facilitate the growth of a Christian. But if your growth in Christ hinges on your experiences with a congregation, you will surely burn out with frustration & you will, perhaps unknowingly, have a destructive impact on the very congregation itself.

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A Balancing Act

I am excited to share from his heart: Simba Mazhani, A Soldier of the Lord, currently serving in the village of Makopong as a missionary with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Since 2014. He was in Gabane from April – December 2014, and Makopong January 2015 till present. He studied Psychology & Business Management at Monash University Malaysia which he did not complete. He is an aspiring Pastor desiring to specialise in family counselling, a Former Quality Assurance Officer for Orinoco Call Centre (2013-2014) and a Former Events Organiser for DIY Entertainment (2011-2012). Enjoy

There’s a theory I once heard about car owners in the city of Francistown; the majority of the city residents drive cars with an automatic transmission gearbox.

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Being Crafted

Excited about introducing our first feature from Refilwe Kerekeng. She graduated from Botswana Accountancy College with a Business Enterprise(Hons) accredited by the University of Derby. She is also qualified in Enterprise Risk Management. Refilwe is also the founding Member of The Gifted Hands Society-a non-profit that focus on youth development and recently was selected for the 2015 Moremi Initiative Leadership and Empowerment Development (MILEAD) Fellow. She is currently working on an exciting project under Purple Crown, an initiative she will share about soon. I am excited to share her heart with you this week, as she does with me as she is one of my closest friends and sister, as she discusses Being Crafted. Enjoy

I have always thought everyone has a specific purpose, a task to fulfill and that we are all tied to one other through these obligations of which if anyone of us fails to realize, this well-oiled machine will rust and disintegrate. Life as we know it will never be as great as it could have been and the fate of man will not be a powerful punch through the wall but a whisper penetrating layers of concrete.

Slightly exaggerated but we cannot take our sole designs lightly.

I remember a time before I had a glimpse of an idea of what I was ‘meant’ to do, I always felt lost and didn’t fit in. I had to be involved in everything I was approached to be a part of and because I had no sense of belonging, my name was found on everything else I had no business building. Nonetheless, with what I deemed unnecessary experiences carried valuable lessons.

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Rising Tswana is a local online movement which seeks to empower people especially the young with stories of others and their own across cultures and nations. The platform seeks to Honour God and inspire victory through Words of Testimony through different platforms and mediums and creative outlets. Our Vision is drenched in 2 Timothy 1:6 which encourages believers to pursue the passion God has called them for and  we desire to see those passions, dreams and visions lived out.
Rising Tswana has a Tanzania Chapter, Rising Bongo which is led with the same conviction and vision as ours.
Vision:Fanning into Flame the Passion that God has called You unto.
2 Timothy 1:6
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