Walking in His Desire

I have recently discovered the moment we submit to the infinite calling that God has placed in our hearts, we unlock the deep desires he has already placed in our lives. Having decided to pursue this deep urge to begin Rising Tswana, even though it has taken form only recently, there has been a 360 moment in my heart, a turnaround.

My passion has been heightened, my intentions clear, my focus unparalleled and my desire for Him, has shifted to what He desires for me rather than what I desire for myself.

Psalm 37:4 talks about Him giving us the desires of our hearts, and those desires have been the silent whispering of His Spirit that we sometimes ignore or just do not hear. I always used to think it was my own desires of living in a villa and being able to have a butler unfortunately. Discovering what He wants for me has broken the chains of uncertainty and thinking that my plan is superior to His. I have made the mistake of thinking that He looks at my abilities, my strengths and shortcomings to have me walk in the desires He has set of me. Luckily for us, it’s not really about us. It has always been and will always be about Him. The moment we let go of ourselves and what we think, we are more susceptible to His desire for us, and we will certainly be more eager about His eternity plan than our own. Since pursuing Rising Tswana, I have never been more excited about anything except free food of course.

My life seems so small in the context of His desire and I gladly choose to be in that space.

I gladly choose to no longer be consumed by the things of this world and earthly pursuits but rather to focus on Him. Sometimes, it is not easy, and the journey ahead seems tumultuous, Paul however tell us that our reward is Him, and there is none greater. Philippians 3:14 . I do not always think that I have the answers, but I do believe He does, and He wants us to ask Him the questions and not to just try to figure it out on our own because we can not get it right without Him.

His greatest desire is that we become His disciples, I believe Rising Tswana will be a tool wielded in the hands of the Master to be a witness to the nations. Beloved, I pray God continues to whisper to your heart and Spirit, but more than that, you will submit to His desire. Freedom awaits you there.

With Love. LBO

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