Tree of Life

Our first Rising Passion Piece is from Desiree, she is one of our youngest writers at 16 years old who loves God. She enjoys the wonders of nature that God has given to us. She was born in Botswana but her heritage is from all over the world. Some of her hobbies are singing, writing, playing basketball and doing hair. She goes to His People Church and her school is St Mary’s DSG in South Africa.

The Inspiration: I was in class when I felt the Lord put a thought in my mind of how a tree operates and it’s relation to the scripture in Romans 11:15-24. This scripture speaks about the grafting of an olive tree, which I felt was very powerful.

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Greener grass or just a really good filter?

Excited to share from Phodiso Mpotokwane who is a young man from a small village in an even smaller country. A holder of a BA Hons International Business degree, he has a passion for value importation. Phodiso is currently exploring various opportunities whilst attending the Methodist church and has also been a writer for the WeekendPost amongst the other amazing things he gets up to. His passions including writing (when he actually forces words on to the word processor) and studying the gift of life.

I was going to write about body image and its effects on our self-esteem. This is because a lot of us are shoehorned into feeling like if we don’t look like magazine cover models we aren’t worth the air we breathe, whilst another group (for the guys especially) believes that if they don’t have clearly defined rectus abdominis contours they aren’t people.

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The Voice Of Truth

Excited to share from Emily Lantz. She from New Hamburg, Ontario Canada. She is currently studying at Redeemer University College, and her major is Kinesiology with a minor in Biology.  Her home church is Wilmot Centre Evangelical Missionary Church. Emily’s article shares a little about her experience on missions in Botswana in 2014. Enjoy!

From January to June 2014, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Botswana with Youth For Christ and to live and work along side the Batswana people. To start off, being able to go to Botswana and the logistics of how it worked out was such a God thing. I left at the end of January, but didn’t know I was going for sure until November. I was excited in November, but January came very fast and it was January 1st and I had not yet raised any money to go. It was one of those things that I was definitely concerned about, but knew, really knew that if God wanted me in Botswana, He was going to get me there.

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The Science of Significance

Excited to share from Thabang Oreoluwa Chukura, who is a designer, poet, and musician, who also blogs under the moniker, The Theologian’s Brother. He is currently employed by Clockwork Media and has an BSC(Hons) in Business Information Technology. Thabang has a passion for challenging people to walk in their potential and purpose. He has a heart for developing young men, has worked extensively in youth ministry, and currently serves as a leader in his local church which is His People Church(Every Nation). Enjoy.

Through the wonders of science and exploration, we know a great deal about our universe. Today, we have an unprecedented view of some of the interlinking pieces of the Great Expanse, and how even the most minute and visually undetectable things affect the fabric of what exists. The universe seems to make a single concept abundantly clear. One observation seems exceedingly difficult not to see; everything has purpose.

For all the ‘randomness’ that often seems to have birthed matter as we know it, it’s clear that everything that exists, does something. All matter in the universe seems linked in this preverbal quilt – each piece a vital part of the whole. 150 million kilometres away from us in space, there is star with no particular scientific designation, which has the right brightness and heat to create the conditions for life to exist on Planet Earth. We call it the Sun. Without its brilliant rays, and its incredible gravitational force on our planet, we would not exist. Deep within our bodies live microscopic cells called phagocytes, that protect us from infections and dispose of dying cells. They keep us alive even when we don’t know that we’re sick.

Everywhere we look we seem to find the genius of God at play, giving everything its own role and special place in the order of things.

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