Tree of Life

Our first Rising Passion Piece is from Desiree, she is one of our youngest writers at 16 years old who loves God. She enjoys the wonders of nature that God has given to us. She was born in Botswana but her heritage is from all over the world. Some of her hobbies are singing, writing, playing basketball and doing hair. She goes to His People Church and her school is St Mary’s DSG in South Africa.

The Inspiration: I was in class when I felt the Lord put a thought in my mind of how a tree operates and it’s relation to the scripture in Romans 11:15-24. This scripture speaks about the grafting of an olive tree, which I felt was very powerful.

We as followers of Christ need to learn to walk with God and with His righteousness. In doing so we shall steadfastly remain in the branches.

This is our walk as Christians and is how we overcome the evils of this world with God to help us. We should abide in His tree because it gives us life and we are grafted into it by His love. I’m not a Biology Student but I know that plants need oxygen to survive and come night time they will release carbon dioxide“The dual carriage way of gases”.

 This meaning that Jesus is our oxygen and the carbon dioxide that is released at night-spiritually and physically- this is how our bodies operate. “If you stand out too much”-if we don’t remain in the vine the Evil One will try and attack where he can. “The branches leave space”- this refers to what Jesus said that he will prepare a room for us in John 14:2-3.

As the sun will soon set,

The process just begins

The dual carriage way of gases

The ambiance is serene by the tree

If you stand out too much

Well… There would be discord within the soul

These roots at night

They exceed to depravity

But, ascending that it turns into a tranquil state

The branches leave space

So we may be one

And grafted we stand

The leaves supply the air we need to breathe,

The air of The Ancient of Days

With Love, DR

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