Walking into Your Destiny

Excited to share Refilwe Kerekang’s second feature. She holds a Business Enterprise(Hons) from Botswana Accountancy College accredited by the University of Derby. She is also qualified in Enterprise Risk Management. Refilwe is also the founding member of Gifted Hands Society, a non profit organisation that focuses on youth development. She also a brand ambassador here at Rising Tswana. Enjoy as she discuss on Walking into your destiny.

I am a firm believer in seeking this craft, unearthing it from within and coming to terms that your life can be so much more if you stopped giving distractions to your energy, it is needed elsewhere. Stop dimming your light  from yourself, there is a pot of gold waiting to be claimed…

So when you finally give into His plan for you which can be very challenging because sometimes it very well means coming to the realization that your plan was never part of THA PLAN, it all changes.

I have personally lived this out in my own life, where I was set! I had a “solid” plan, goals to achieve and things to do with a character to match. Simply put, you could not tell me anything and that was that! But here was the thing, whenever any one of my plans were to shift the slightest bit, my entire world would crumble, it really didn’t help that I am naturally easily rattled up. It would take me weeks to recover, refocus and try again. Weeks to get back to the starting line and that is time lost I could never recover.

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How to Start Something from Nothing

This week’s article is coming from Lesego Otlhabanye, Founder of Rising Tswana. Enjoy

Inspired by Katt Williams much? Not really. However, in one of his hilarious comedy shows he has an iconic illustration of how there are people who can turn nothing into something. I have recently realised how sometimes we are constantly bombarded with images, thoughts, emotions and pressures that suggest you are not doing enough, you are not fulfilling your life purpose, and you are just not where you need to be. In the words of Phodiso- Nothing could be further from the truth.

Regardless, we do have those pockets of moments and these occasionally threaten to steal our joy and derail us from the trajectory that God has already put our life on. These images and thoughts seem to consistently cloud some immovable truths about what the Creator says about us, especially the more irrevocable notion that His plan for us is greater. So what do we do when the truth of what God says conflicts with what you feel?

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My Idol

The lovely Vivien Dakpo is a Musical Worship coordinator at Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Her singular goal in life is to learn what pleases the Lord and to do that smile emoticon It’s an exercise in faith, without which it is impossible to please Him.Her poem is entitled My Idol. Enjoy!

I lay my idol down

Spent too much time trying to appease this god

Met mornings with heart worship to the worthless

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Botswana Awaken

Excited to be sharing from Debrah Mtshelwane. Debbie is a lecturer at the North west University,  her focus area is professional skills development, labour relations and occupational health and ergonomics for first  year students and research for honours students.She studied and obtained her Human Resource Management and Labour Relations BA  degree in 2011.  In 2012 she completed her HR Honours Degree and she just completed my Masters Degree in HR. She is part of and involved in His People Faith City Church in Potchefsteroom and has been serving that family  for 7 years .She serves under the ministry  leadership team both on campus and off campus. She is passionate about discipleship , especially with students as she believes when you reach a student,  you reach a family, students change nations, students start  movements. 

After months of preparation we held a one day Women’s event known as Reboot, an annual event where women get together from different cultures, age groups, nations, and from all walks of life. On this special day women get ministered to and at the same time it’s a platform to connect with God through mainly worship and word. Reboot means (having your Spirit being refreshed, spiritual enlightenment; causing a person to live a new life). This event creates a space for women to connect first to God and then with one another, the theme this year was HE IS SPEAKING as in God is speaking. This event was held in Gaborone, Botswana for the very first time.

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