Who You Are Not

Phodiso Mpotokwane is a young man from a small village in an even smaller country. A holder of a BA Hons International Business degree and an award winning varsity debater, he has a passion for value importation. Phodiso is involved with non profit organizations that include Orate Africa and Purple Crown Society and attends Methodist Church. His passions including writing (when he actually forces words on to the word processor),Instagram and studying the gift of life. Enjoy!

One of the first things I was ever taught about effective Bible Study was to derive an adequate contextual grounding of any given text. The academic name for this practice is called ‘Exegesis’ and its core belief is that the essence of a text can best be understood by reading verses which precede and succeed your given selection. The proponents of this method of study argue strongly that the best way to get a balanced view of what a text is conveying is to read it in light of the occurrences, ideologies, dispensations and flow of the chapter(s) before and after it.

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Followers of the Process

Bonolo Angele Bananuka is currently exploring various Business Ventures while attending House of Bread Church in Tanzania. She graduated with an Hons in Business Information Technology and her passions include painting and Singing. She is also a self confessed Bread Enthusiast. Enjoy!

I think we can all attest to the fact that Followership is a phenomenon that is part of our everyday lives-‘#tweetthat’ .We all follow something or someone! In a deeper sense I think all of creation thrives on following something.

Our generation is at risk of failure when it comes to the process of followership. With technology making it easy for us to have a cause to follow-just a click of a button. We miss out on the fact that followership involves a process. A process which begins with a desire and is sustained by continuous learning. From the subject and about the subject. We follow those whom we deem successful and we want their success now. Yet true followership is not as easy as clicking a button. We have somehow narrowed followership down to dressing like the person we feel is worth following or maybe having an accent like theirs or even striving to have the car or gadget they have.

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My Past, My Prsent and Future

Baone Moshebashebi is a final year student in BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance at Botswana Accountancy College. She is very passionate about God and His people, her desire is to see all men saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. She is zealous about arts and poetry and her poem was inspired by what she and people close to her have went through. Enjoy!

Looking out in the horizon

Staring rearwards, streams of thoughts,

Brainwaves flooding in like the amazon!

In the winter dates, from my focus;

As from my locus,

My past shone bright like the Belt of Orion

Reliving the times of yore, when the picture painted by life; was dull, was without crayon!

The osmosis of an inescapable period!

My making of a woman…

Days when life was not worth living

And earth, somewhat a prison!

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It all starts with a Decision

Eteng Mohwasa, aka Eteng Mo is a young, fun and ambitious woman. Born and raised by a wonderful mother and supportive family and friends. She is a member of the Royal Assembly Ministries International . Eteng is God fearing and principled woman who is passionate about behavioural change and youth development. With her life experience and exposure she has coordinated and facilitated youth programs across the nation. Working as a volunteer has exposed her to so much giving and living. She holds a qualification in Risk Management, which she wishes to use to change and help many youth businesses in Botswana.

I am a product of my decisions; good or bad it all lies with me. I have done tonne of bad and a hundred fold of good in my growing up. I did then what I knew how to do but now that I know better, I do better. With every situation there is a lesson to learn and an experience to enjoy; the outcomes desired are determined by the seeds we sow. My life is a testimony of the good works of God, life, family and friends.

God has created us in such a way that we cannot be ultimately satisfied by anything except Him. Inside each one of us is a God-shaped vacuum that only He can fill. Continue reading