My Past, My Prsent and Future

Baone Moshebashebi is a final year student in BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance at Botswana Accountancy College. She is very passionate about God and His people, her desire is to see all men saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. She is zealous about arts and poetry and her poem was inspired by what she and people close to her have went through. Enjoy!

Looking out in the horizon

Staring rearwards, streams of thoughts,

Brainwaves flooding in like the amazon!

In the winter dates, from my focus;

As from my locus,

My past shone bright like the Belt of Orion

Reliving the times of yore, when the picture painted by life; was dull, was without crayon!

The osmosis of an inescapable period!

My making of a woman…

Days when life was not worth living

And earth, somewhat a prison!

Can you please journey with me…


As I sailed out along the broken road,

I remember quite clear,

The day when he that bore me was nowhere near!

When she whom birthed me, has to stand alone, start afresh, has to appraise herself with a load-gear!

Day in day out, I dined with fear!

A companion of whom I clutched dear!

A bad influencer:

He crippled and knocked me down on every corner!

He took away my “everything”; I was left in a coma!

Couldn’t anybody hear?

The silent cries I constantly whimpered

Couldn’t anybody see!

The question marks coupled with streaks of defeat

I often had to wear, as life lashed my chest with questions…


Darkness clouded my view,

So light I never knew…

Violence was my daily bread; cravings for it daily grew!

The parties, spirits and crews!

I still reminisce of the day I got slurped; my body couldn’t even carry me through!

I scarred not only me, but relations which were true!

I knew not what real love meant,

For my mainly-  guide had long booked out!

So all there was were missing pages of what a real man was!

So to fill the void I just sought for broken ransoms!

1…2…3…I had them in my paws, random…

But I was still not satisfied…

I was still empty!


Journey with me, for you to fathom…

Along my life’s road,came laterally a man!

Priory, to me he was just a mirage, a fable…

They would preach about him, but I would think they were just promoting a fake label!

Until we had a full one on one encounter!

Until he invited me to dine with him, at his table!!

His house of many mansions was full of people of my candor! The Broken!

So it was easy to find comfort, peace and splendor…

In him there was no condemnation, love He rendered.

The past? Well that He never mentioned!

“Yoh! Just who is this man” I thought to myself

 He was called Mercy

With streams of tears tap dancing on the floor of my astounded face,

I watched Him pull out a clean slate,

I observed Him as He merged our DNAs!

Undeservedly, His autobiography to me, he endowed!

Sealed and signed by the Holy Spirit!


Fast forward, to the present-day…

Although some days I face trials and tribulations,

Midnight hours cries,

In Him I have my trust!

“I will never leave nor forsake you…”

Like a broken record, His scriptures daily replay in my head! They are tattooed across my chest!

Quotidian, He tenders lessons on matters of the heart,

Once and for all I can look at the future with assertion

Rest assured it’s all in His hands…

The prospects are not at my discretion,

But specks of it He has revealed

To the future, visible is His divine destiny…

His grand recovery…

Prophesied in my life, is a grace-filled life…

Far above, heaven, to meet Jesus is my one and only intention…

My destination…

This is a tribute to my past, present and future.

This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. 1 Timothy 1:15

With Love, BM

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