Followers of the Process

Bonolo Angele Bananuka is currently exploring various Business Ventures while attending House of Bread Church in Tanzania. She graduated with an Hons in Business Information Technology and her passions include painting and Singing. She is also a self confessed Bread Enthusiast. Enjoy!

I think we can all attest to the fact that Followership is a phenomenon that is part of our everyday lives-‘#tweetthat’ .We all follow something or someone! In a deeper sense I think all of creation thrives on following something.

Our generation is at risk of failure when it comes to the process of followership. With technology making it easy for us to have a cause to follow-just a click of a button. We miss out on the fact that followership involves a process. A process which begins with a desire and is sustained by continuous learning. From the subject and about the subject. We follow those whom we deem successful and we want their success now. Yet true followership is not as easy as clicking a button. We have somehow narrowed followership down to dressing like the person we feel is worth following or maybe having an accent like theirs or even striving to have the car or gadget they have.

I believe it is way more than that-it would be so much better to follow their journey to success than the rewards of their success.

In following their journey I get to learn the process of their success. I am equipped not just with a glimpse of the end results but I get the real treasures-knowing what their principles are, what processes they followed, their decision making tactics, what drives them, what influences their thinking, why they are successful-the source of their success. The desire for success is abundant yet the desire to be mentored on how to get to the success we desire is what we lack the most.

There is an unmistakable truth in the saying-If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’. These are the words which keep resounding in my heart. I have come to realize that one of the treasures of life is Mentorship. We all need a mentor-one who knows how to get others to where they are-someone to follow not just in their footsteps but to show us the way of success step by step.I admit there are many potential Mentors out there but before you can choose one, the Question is are you ready to be mentored?

Are you ready to sit under the continuous counsel of someone else and learn from them?

Do you have the patience and discipline to carry out the instructions they may give you?

But to help you on the journey of being a mentee, know that:

A good mentor will never give you the secret to their success over night but a good mentor is willing to go the distance with you.

A good Mentor will let you ride on their shoulders long enough for you to see the way and they will finally let you walk on your own. One thing is for sure a good mentor will never spoon-feed you.

A good mentor will share the strategies of how to win the battle but they will never fight it for you. They understand that your strength is built through fighting your own battles, that the bruises from the battle will be a reminder of the lessons learnt.

A good mentor’s desire is to see you rise above every limitation in your life.

The most important one of them all –A good mentor will always desire that you surpass their success and also share your success with others who will come after you.

A good mentor believes in longevity and legacy. They do not put a limit to success. They desire to have generational impact.

The desire to be mentored is the mark of your maturity and wisdom. It shows the understanding that there are truths to be discovered in order to have the kind of success we desire.

Find someone to follow after or be the one for others to follow.

Followership is not as easy as clicking a button it is a process, it is a journey.Let’s be followers of the Process to Success and not followers of the Rewards of Success.

With Love, BAB

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