Holiday Special

This week’s article comes from Lucy Afua Darkoah Leshomo. She is a 3rd year BSc Hons in General Computing student at Botho University in Gaborone.She is also a poet, writer in Botho’s student magazine The Courtyard and the founder of a creative arts club called Corner Tree Rhythm.She loves literature from English literature to Pan African. She is an Historian at heart and passionate reader. She attends Christian Revival Church (CRC) since 2011 where she serves as an usher and leader. She is also a techwiz and aspiring enterpreneur. Enjoy!

We live our lives as if today is the first of many, what if it’s the last? What have you done that is worth living for? What have you done that is worth remembering you for? As the year ends we look back to the goals we had set at the beginning of the year and we try find out if we have conquered the weight scales, found love, passed exams or got married…. Every goal we have set we try to accomplish in one year.

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I am a Bride Too

Percy Kitso Tamisinyana is a young man from a village called Kanye, Botswana. He studied Bsc (Hons) in Information Technology (Software Engineering). His passions are for academics, research, being a scholar (Cyber Security and Systematic Theology). He is also passionate about Reformed Christian Hip Hop, reading sober and sound Christian Literature (Puritan or Reformed Theology/ Writings- Literature) and anything outside Christianity for broadening his views. He is zealous about  Christian Apologetics (defending the faith), and is launching a  Apologetics (Debate) Movement at his church. He attends Pentecostal Holiness Church(PHC).He also previously volunteered at Face The Nation Organization which he is still part of.  Enjoy!

… I betrothed you to one husband… (2 Cori. 11:2-3)

Now and then the sweet tenderness of the Savior closer makes us to long to be taken home to be with our Savior. Our pilgrimage affirms indeed that we are mortals, we are like a flower blooming in the morning but when evening approaches it withers and is blown away by the wind.

This humble exhortation will alert, challenge, console and edge you to pounder deep of such reality, our unsettled and weary souls will one day be consoled when heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss!


Have you ever wondered how blissful that in our everyday weddings when the groom meets the bride there is that joy that seems infinite accompanied by ululations? This joy seems to be incomplete until they lay their eyes on each other. This earthly wedding I will narrate it as a shadow of the heavenly union between The Bride (Church) and The Bridegroom (Christ). Ecclesiology- which is Biblical study of the Church is that it is quickened and sanctified by the Holy Spirit that is to the Bride of Christ. It is for His Church, and every individual member of the Church. What husband would take it well, if his wife should abandon him and follow after other lovers?

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He Is

This weeks’ poem is from the incomparable Vivien who has written a poem for us titled ‘My Idol’. She is a Musical Worship coordinator at Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Her singular goal in life is to learn what pleases the Lord and to do that smile emoticon. It’s an exercise in faith, without which it is impossible to please Him.

HE IS….   He is, He was, He will be

He lives, He reigns, He still sees

He is the logarithm that pierces through the chasm

He is the radiance of God’s glory

The beginning and end of Jehovah’s story


He is the embodiment of Philosophy

He is the creator of Psychology To this day

He has no contemporary

He cannot abide by those that reason diagonally

He is no mere Visionary, Missionary He is the originator of Sociology


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