He Is

This weeks’ poem is from the incomparable Vivien who has written a poem for us titled ‘My Idol’. She is a Musical Worship coordinator at Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Her singular goal in life is to learn what pleases the Lord and to do that smile emoticon. It’s an exercise in faith, without which it is impossible to please Him.

HE IS….   He is, He was, He will be

He lives, He reigns, He still sees

He is the logarithm that pierces through the chasm

He is the radiance of God’s glory

The beginning and end of Jehovah’s story


He is the embodiment of Philosophy

He is the creator of Psychology To this day

He has no contemporary

He cannot abide by those that reason diagonally

He is no mere Visionary, Missionary He is the originator of Sociology


You may not understand the intricacies of Biology

And are baffled by the precisions of Chemistry but He’s not

He is the overcomer of Physiology

He breathes new colour into Chromatography

He cannot be described by Morphology or

Categorized by Phonology

He supercedes the concepts of Genetics, comprehends the investigations of

Forensics, cannot be displaced by crude Semantics

And destroys the reasoning of non-Apologetics


His name resounds throughout creation

He brings true meaning to Liberation

El Shaddai, Adonai, Elohim

The very overcomer of sin

He’s heard the fabrications of Evolution

Attempt to undermine the truth of Creation

He speaks with fluency the language of Love

Which He designed with potency from up above

I mean not just

“Je t’aime”

“Ke a go rata”

Ngiya kuthanda”

I mean the Love of God that quietens even Thunder


He sighs and the earth begins to rumble

Strongholds of the enemy begin to tumble

Iron shackles cannot help but crumble

He is said to be crowned in Majesty

And yet He chose to consort with Peasantry

He is clothed in Radiant Glory yet

Could bent His knee to whisper a simple story

Who is this Man of whom I speak?

Listen close and I’ll tell you real quick

He is the Father, the Son, the Brother He is the Mother, the Daughter, the Sister

He is that which He is and He cannot change


From on high

He chose to deny

His righteousness so He could die

With the last breath He took He completed His Task

And rose again to open the door so that in His love you could bask

You may not fully understand

That this gesture was indeed grand

But if you’ll take the time to listen

You’ll know exactly what you’re missing

He shed His blood on a cursed cross

So that you wouldn’t have to pay the cost

Now all He asks is that you give up the strife

And melt in Him who wishes to give you new Life


 He is who He is

He is the Lord of Hosts

He is who He is

He is the Prince of Peace

He is who He is

Ancient of Days, Saviour of the Lost

He is who He is

The One who does not slumber nor sleeps

He is who He is He is…


With Love, VD

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