I am a Bride Too

Percy Kitso Tamisinyana is a young man from a village called Kanye, Botswana. He studied Bsc (Hons) in Information Technology (Software Engineering). His passions are for academics, research, being a scholar (Cyber Security and Systematic Theology). He is also passionate about Reformed Christian Hip Hop, reading sober and sound Christian Literature (Puritan or Reformed Theology/ Writings- Literature) and anything outside Christianity for broadening his views. He is zealous about  Christian Apologetics (defending the faith), and is launching a  Apologetics (Debate) Movement at his church. He attends Pentecostal Holiness Church(PHC).He also previously volunteered at Face The Nation Organization which he is still part of.  Enjoy!

… I betrothed you to one husband… (2 Cori. 11:2-3)

Now and then the sweet tenderness of the Savior closer makes us to long to be taken home to be with our Savior. Our pilgrimage affirms indeed that we are mortals, we are like a flower blooming in the morning but when evening approaches it withers and is blown away by the wind.

This humble exhortation will alert, challenge, console and edge you to pounder deep of such reality, our unsettled and weary souls will one day be consoled when heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss!


Have you ever wondered how blissful that in our everyday weddings when the groom meets the bride there is that joy that seems infinite accompanied by ululations? This joy seems to be incomplete until they lay their eyes on each other. This earthly wedding I will narrate it as a shadow of the heavenly union between The Bride (Church) and The Bridegroom (Christ). Ecclesiology- which is Biblical study of the Church is that it is quickened and sanctified by the Holy Spirit that is to the Bride of Christ. It is for His Church, and every individual member of the Church. What husband would take it well, if his wife should abandon him and follow after other lovers?

The Church as the Bride to the Bridegroom Jesus Christ, Christ is their own husband in a solemn manner before men and angels thus it will be profanity and treachery of it highest degree to go and prostitute their souls unto sin.

The Bride should be jealous in every way inherently knowing how Holy and beautiful her Bridegroom and He too is jealous. He does not want to share with her with anyone. The Bride paid a worthy price, won over her heart’s affection thus prostituting the soul to sin would not be an ideal choice to find himself in, so flee and flee to Him who is the Rose of Sharon! The Bridegroom lays claim to her and the bride is not available to anybody else, set apart for marriage for someone Benevolent who is Christ. My Husband tore the veil so that I could see Him face to face.


In the full torrent of the Song of Songs we see the love of Christ and His Church (Song of Songs 2:16) and expository we see three aspects; 1. A symbol of affection: “My beloved” 2. A term of appropriation: “Is mine” 3. A holy resignation: “I am his”. On His Second Coming Christ’s marriage to the church is highly anticipated, it is the hottest date of the future calendar. As a model of love and marriage He laid down His life for the church. Apprehend this solemn reality “… I lay down my life – only to take it up again…No one take it from me but I lay it down at my own accord…(John 10:17-18) just for the Bride! Too good to be true. The Bridegroom is a jealous lover and He demands exclusive, untainted devotion. Oh! What would it be like when The Bride meets the Bridegroom.

Conduct and Attitude

So what then for the Church? What does these exhortation and consolation say to us? Why is it supposed to grip the Church hard and keep them unsettled till they get approval from the Benevolent Jehovah? How applicable are these blessedness privileges the Church should pay homage and respond appropriately? The Church should present itself as a pure virgin, undefiled and untouched thus faithful to its Bridegroom. Her joy should be incomplete while in her pilgrimage on earth, she must be prepared and adorned for her groom, ready to see her groom appearing in the beauty of His majesty. Oh! The greatness of this anticipation should be the ultimate bliss, with confident affirmation that “if I have one husband, can I act single anymore?” even a wave of million gods seeking my will and attention should be shamed by my response – I am single no more, Taken! Reader! It is your happy privilege to know that a union, which thus lives forever, cements your heart to Christ, and Christ to you. Remember then, that this blessed relationship demands your faithfulness. The Lord is jealous, it is Him alone or nothing!

Haste! Thy blessedness celestial day!

When sin will be no more!

With fervency and boldness question death…

“Death where is thy sting?”

Behold thy Face of Him who is Glorious

A beam of thy Holy Face

That which was dim and fade!

Now out shined and perfect in Splendor of His appearing

The Bridegroom snatched us from the tomb like Lazarus!

Oh! The Bridegroom has come!

The Anthem on our hearts!

With Love, PT


One thought on “I am a Bride Too

  1. this is a message from heaven. we can never say we are single,we are engaged to the Master,Ancient of days. How i pray His love for us will consume us to know that we are His just as He is ours. God bless you Percy.


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