If God was my Girlfriend

Tuduetso Pretty Nkunyane, God’s own. Loves life, loves to laugh and her greatest prayer and hope is that each person can have an encounter with God. A member of the Seventh Adventist Church who loves the arts and would love to see them incorporated in worship more. Enjoy!

Do not rejoice, O Israel, with exultation like the nations! For you have played the harlot, forsaking your God. You have loved harlots’ earnings on every threshing floor.-Hosea 9:1

I always say that God loves like one of those women who are trapped in these terrible relationships. Everyone around them can give you a million reasons why they deserve better and should end the relationship, but only they see why it’s worth the fight and no matter how bad it gets, they find one more reason to hold on. You know, the type of relationship were the person loses themselves by giving themselves daily to the other person but constantly get that thrown back in their face?

The type of relationship that’s so toxic that even your friends can’t stand to be around you anymore because they can no longer bare to see you suffer so much, they know you deserve better and are worth so much more than what you are settling for, even your partner knows that but still doesn’t change, still doesn’t give you the better you deserve. I always say that God is like one of those women who are trapped in one of those terrible relationships but they keep holding on, they keep fighting because they believe it can still be saved and still remember the reason why it can be saved, and they still remember the promise.

If God was my girlfriend, I’d tell her to leave that good for nothing, low life, sorry excuse of a man alone. I would tell her she deserves better than a one sided relationship which clearly benefits one person only. I would tell her you are a queen and deserve to be treated like one. I would tell her how her laughter is like sunshine and her smile a thousand smiles and they don’t deserve to be choked up by sobs, I would tell her that her eyes are too beautiful to be constantly collecting tears and her heart doesn’t deserve the pain it carries because only happiness should flow from it.

If God was my girlfriend I would tell her that she deserves more than just someone who calls her only when he wants something from her but is always ready and loaded with a million excuses when she asks to spend just a little time with him or for him to put in a little bit more effort into the relationship and make her his priority.

See if God was my girlfriend, I would tell her to side step that crippling excuse of a man and never look back because she can and will do better.

But I can’t, because you see I’m that good for nothing, low life, sorry excuse of a man.

It seems if God was my girlfriend, I would treat Him better than I treat Him as my Lord and King.

Ain’t that a shame.

With Love, PTN.

4 thoughts on “If God was my Girlfriend

  1. I like this… whenever i read Hosea or the Journey of the Lord with the people He loves so much; the same thing comes to my mind. But then, how can I point accusing fingers when I myself, am guilty of the same crime…

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