Positioned for a Blessing

Excited to share Refilwe Kerekang’s third feature. She holds a Business Enterprise(Hons) from Botswana Accountancy College accredited by the University of Derby. She is MILEAD fellow 2015 and currently runs her own non profit named  Purple Crown Society and Founder of Opportunities for Growth on Facebook. Refilwe is passionate about development.  She is also a brand ambassador here at Rising Tswana. Enjoy as she discusses on Positioned for a blessing. 

This is one article that has been gnarling at the back of my mind and so here it is, I hope it reaches someone out there and I wish you peace and light.

For as long as I can remember, any ‘life changing’ blessings have been, as the descriptive term would suggest, very extravagant. My most prominent blessings have been ones where I was picked out of a sea of deserving people to be favoured in those circumstances, something that has always humbled me because I never deserved any one of them gagged on MY performance.

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Trust Your Signature Path

Cindy Pearl Maphumulo is an African entrepreneur from South Africa with a particular calling for business development. She founded a company called Prolific Interactive Designz as well as The Business Development Agency that focuses on Training & development, investment and business consultation. She also founded a ministry targeted at young Christians called ‘Seeds of Glory’. Since its inception in 2011, the ministry has over the years organized a number of prayer gatherings, whole night services & teachings to equip young people for occupying their portion in the economy & rising to their signature callings.Although she was ordained into the office of a prophet, Pearl has been graced with holding a number of leadership roles within the church walls & outside. She has been youth leader, a member of the worship team, amour bearer, a nominee at the ‘Youth Africa Awards’ under the category ‘Excellence in Leadership’ & well as a 2015 nominee at the African Achievers Awards to name but a few.Did I mention she’s also, at a point the assigned toilet/bathroom cleaner at church? A role in which she took pride as she discovered early on, the big secret in serving.Enjoy!

Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him (HCSB) -Psalm 62:5

Be still [cease striving], and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen; I will be exalted in the earth. (KJV) -Psalm 46:10

As I type this, I think back on my earliest childhood memories & realize that most my life has always been a whirlwind! I never quite understood how from as young as the age of 6, I’m reminded of three vivid events.

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Studying Science but Loving Jesus

Lazarus Takawira is a Zimbabwean born, young writer, scientist and an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ. Lazarus is a partner of Acts Church and is passionate about church planting and spreading the Gospel. Being a Christian first and foremost then a scientist (Bio-technologist), he desires to see God magnificent and His creation adored always and even through science and not use science against the Creator of ALL !

God and science has never been a subject of unity or uniformity and most certainly a topic that divides crowds. Many Christians have often come out guns blazing and shooting at scientists likewise scientists have only spared love and respect for Christians other than that they have brought out their guns as well. The war between God and science is not new and never seems to end but it is one such war that flourishes when one is fighting from a faithless corner while another is fighting from a faith corner.

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Embracing Your Struggles

In 2011, Raquel Jacobs, founded Beyond the Classroom Foundation, an NGO focused on improving education for the less privileged pupils in Public Primary Schools. Since then, she has been working directly with children and youths in marginalized communities in Lagos focusing on education and empowerment for girls. She is a public speak, trainer and Co-founder of Club31 Woman. She is a Global Shaper, a Carrington Fellow and a LEAP Africa SIP Fellow. In the last four years, she has volunteered with numerous organizations including the World Economic Forum on Africa, Uturn Africa and AIESEC.She is currently working on a digital literacy project for children in public primary schools with Microsoft, Tech Camp Pretoria and Afrika Leadership Development Institute. She attends Guiding Light Assembly, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria and fellowships at IGNITE Fellowship.Enjoy!

I was born in Lagos but I am originally from Kaduna state in Nigeria. My parents were amazing, but we lost them a little earlier than expected. My dad died when I was 16 and my mum when I was 19. Life took a different turn after my dad passed on. I immediately became an adult and had to look after 3 boys because my mum was sick almost all the time. I finished secondary school at 16 but couldn’t go to a University immediately for different reasons.

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