Positioned for a Blessing

Excited to share Refilwe Kerekang’s third feature. She holds a Business Enterprise(Hons) from Botswana Accountancy College accredited by the University of Derby. She is MILEAD fellow 2015 and currently runs her own non profit named  Purple Crown Society and Founder of Opportunities for Growth on Facebook. Refilwe is passionate about development.  She is also a brand ambassador here at Rising Tswana. Enjoy as she discusses on Positioned for a blessing. 

This is one article that has been gnarling at the back of my mind and so here it is, I hope it reaches someone out there and I wish you peace and light.

For as long as I can remember, any ‘life changing’ blessings have been, as the descriptive term would suggest, very extravagant. My most prominent blessings have been ones where I was picked out of a sea of deserving people to be favoured in those circumstances, something that has always humbled me because I never deserved any one of them gagged on MY performance.

One from the top of my head is when I graduated top of my class which was a shocker because the classmate who came second was known to be the genius of the class whilst I was Fie with a cute smile. But despite MY own ideas of what I deserved, I was served more than my expectations.

As refreshing as this sounds, the journey that leads me to my blessings is just as trying as the magnitude of the gift because I have to be positioned just right to be granted my heart’s desire.

I’m pretty sure there are things you pray for; a car, job, partner and a plot in the right area, that you are sure will help you out and take you to the next level. But take a minute to imagine a child asking their parent for a snack in the kitchen, the parent will not simply reach in the fridge and hand it over to the child, NO, the child has to be sat properly in their booster seat handed a utensil as their snack is being prepared. Same ideology applies to your request, when you ask for something from our Heavenly Father, especially if it will add tremendous value to your life, He just doesn’t call an angel to drop in on us and make it happen. He takes His precious time to ensure that blessing does more for you than you can ever imagine and has His name written all over it. And most of the time, those are the blessings that take you to that next level.

So here you are, you’ve been praying, fasting, speaking into your life that you get that job you are certain will change your life. It has all the responsibilities/duties aligned with your professional interest and for once they do not require a decade’s worth experience. You have been networking and emailing your CV to everyone you know for months and now this is the job you’ve been praying for. (The snack).  So you pray to your Creator (The parent) for His favour. But you do not hear from the job for weeks and as usual you’ve been consistent with your prayers to make sure the deal is sealed and the job is yours, queue in the waiting period (Booster seat).

The waiting period is right about the most spiritually trying season you can ever experience!

Personally I haven’t learnt, let alone mastered the tricks that can ease this season cause trust it’s just something else and needs the grace from Jesus Himself.

It doesn’t make it easier when you can spot your request in broad day light but for the life of you, you cannot reach out your hand to grab it. I’ve been there, I am there. But one thing I have been assured of is that this period is one God uses to position us to be able to really enjoy what He has planned for us. He takes a good look at you, His most precious creation, and your request to ensure its value in your life and most importantly that it’s perfectly aligned with His will for you. He searches your heart and if there’s a habit or a trait that doesn’t mirror His image, there’s work to be done because without that particular character then that blessings will not fully mature in your life. Something you wouldn’t want to happen. He then cleans you up and if you have your hands wide open trusting in Him and His perfect plan, the blessing will be chasing you.

A couple of days ago I was texting one of my girlfriends and asked her “why is it when I pray for something, the process leading to the blessing is EXTREME!” to which she replied “does it match the person?” Touché. To those who truly know me they would vouch how ridiculously impatient I am. If a problem thinks of arising I already have about 5 solutions to it because I got things to do. So you can imagine how exciting the season of waiting is in my world.

See because He knew you before you were ever born, He knows you intimately and forever has His eye on you, there is no trait you can hide from Him.

The main goal at the end of the day is that we look just like Christ, and our Lord Jesus is not impatient. On that note I have realized that my season is always connected to a trait that He is working on to rid from my character. No matter how long it has to take until I get it. Luckily His grace is sufficient and love unconditional to walk us through our teachings, only if we let Him.

I must admit that the understanding behind this idea took me a long time to appreciate and it does not mean that everytime I find myself in the midst of a season I can recollect my thoughts that very second, it takes time. It’s in this time we have the opportunity to spend and be surrounded by His love as He pursues us more than ever to grow. It is quite challenging sometimes as you feel that nothing is going your way and the floor is crumbling underneath your feet but what I can say is if you continue to wait on Him just a while longer, the result will be fulfilling and you will be singing His praises. In your season of positioning be still and know He is working tirelessly for your good.  Continue to wait on the Lord and He will show you something.

With Love, RK.

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