Nina Dafe is a British born Nigerian living in the UK, she has a real love for communication; as such she is a Speech and Language Therapist by profession with a real passion for blogging, writing and teaching. Her writing style consists of poetry, reflections and essays- all of which have been tied into her book compositions about the matriarchs of the Christian faith. She is most inspired by seeing people manifest their potential through the execution of their God-given talents, vision and purpose. She hopes to empower women, especially, to rise up and demonstrate such gifts through efforts such as The Far Above Rubies Collection ( She is currently an e-member of The Potters House (Dallas).Enjoy!

Potiphar’s wife makes her cameo in the Bible in Genesis 39. To summarise the chapter, for those who don’t recognise this name, she was the one responsible for having Joseph (of technicolour dream coat fame) put in jail under false rape allegations. She is therefore usually represented as one of the vixens or femme fatales of the Bible. Villain though she may be viewed as, her life was significant and therefore contains content that we can learn from.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Phodiso Mpotokwane, a returning writer, is a young man from a small village in an even smaller country. A holder of a BA Hons International Business degree and an award winning varsity debater, he has a passion for value importation. Phodiso is involved with non profit organizations that include Orate Africa and Purple Crown Society and attends Methodist Church. His passions including writing (when he actually forces words on to the word processor),Instagram and studying the gift of life. Enjoy!

Wentworth Miller. Heard of him? No? Neither had I until there was a Facebook meme (Social media again…#GrassGreenerOrJustFilter) poking fun at his weight gain post shooting ‘Prison break’. The joke went something along the lines of ‘What happens when you escape prison and find McDonalds has a special on’. Admittedly I didn’t find the joke funny, not because it was poking fun at another human being but simply because it as funny as unemployment. HOWEVER, other people DID find it funny and the subject of the joke felt it necessary to ‘clear the air’ on the nexus of the whole thing.

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The Pursuit of Knowledge

Thuso Themba loves writing poems, blogging, articles, learning new things but above all else He loves God. He studied Association of Accounting Association (AAT) at Institute of Development Management(IDM). He attends Royal Assembly Ministries International and is part of the praise and worship team. He is currently exploring possible business ideas with the aim for great things in the future to come. He is passionate about property investment and hopes to own properties, and also building houses for other people and providing shelter for those in need. He desires that people could come to the same understanding of the truth about life as God wants us to live it. He blogs at Enjoy!

This is one topic that is very dear to my heart and I hope that will help someone out who is in pursuit of knowledge or those who need to understand why learning is important. People who are wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtains guidance.

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Just Trust Jesus

Gamel Sankarl is a knowledge entrepreneur and works with Gamelian Books as an author, speaker and poet. He is a biomedical scientist by training. Gamel holds a B.Sc. in Human Biology from the University of Cape Coast and is currently with the department of Molecular Medicine of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he is pursuing an MSc in Chemical Pathology. He is an internationally recognized author with fifteen books to his credit including the titles; Author at any age, Better Is Better, Career Compendium, How To Read and Reap, Perfecting The Skill of Public Speaking, Peak Performance and Winning starts with Beginning’. He has been nominated twice as ‘Best Author’ for the prestigious BEFFTA UK Global Awards and has been awarded with an Online Recognition Award by the Leadership Mind Ambassadors, Nigeria as the Best Male Influential Writer of the Year 2014. Gamel worships with Doxa Temple of the International Central Gospel Church, Accra-Ghana. He is passionate about the personal development of the youth and has been speaking to the youth across Ghana.Enjoy!

Fifteen years ago, I had an encounter that changed my sense of perspective about life forever. That single encounter increased my faith in God and my trust in the power of Jesus’ name. In fact, it really inspired an upward movement in my spirituality and increased my level of maturity in faith.

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