Challenging but Rewarding

Sibusiso Molimi is a Motivational Speaker with a life mission to identify, inspire and increase human excellence by helping people discover, develop and demonstrate their full potenital. He is the Author of a book called, Work Through the Barriers to Success and  a Global Shaper. In the year 2015, he spoke on 120 platforms and was the President Toastmasters Speaker of the year for the 2013/2014.Enjoy!

My walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has been challenging yet rewarding.

My values, thinking, actions as well as my view on life and money has been challenged on this journey with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It has not been easy because along the way, I had to make tough decisions.  After I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I made a decision that I was going to read the word every day and I was going to go to church every Sunday. A few months later, I was back to square one, not reading the Word, not going to church as much as I used to.

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The Battlefield on this Stage

Valerie Ferguson is a  Marketing administrator  and Graphics Designer and attends Church For All Nations(CFAN). She is a  Music team member, and involved in the Creative Arts Ministry (CAMistry-An FNL initiative). She  has a huge heart for Music and unique expressions of worship. She loves to watch art come alive in full color,movements and emotion. She enjoys the challenge of trying something new: Exploring Fine art, Fashion design, Guitar and Piano playing as well as poetry, script and songwriting. And she loves to serve.She believes that the ability to create portrays the ability to see. Healing, Restoration, and Salvation are messages that can be translated through the lens of creativity. Enjoy!

 Being on a stage or platform of influence automatically gives one a sense of responsibility and importance.How?

(Key Scriptures: Exodus 14 & Exodus 15)

  1. Your function is different from those off the stage.
  2. You are paid attention to because you become more obvious, being on higher ground. It doesn’t matter if Y
  3. Doing something useful or useless, people will still want to know what you are doing there.
  4. There has to be purpose, and benefit.

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Identity Check

Katlo Botho Mokoba is a graduate from Monash University, BA in Business and Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and E-Business. She is A Lover of life, food people & the arts, Last of three children,  who hails from Serowe . She is Passionate about all things melanin and social media . She is Dying daily, living freely, and loving unconditionally because He first loved Her. Enjoy!

Some time ago I saw a rather interesting post, actually very funny if I have to say. The whole post was basically a punt to tomboys and was titled “the problem of dating #tomboy”. Let me just first make a slight grammatical correction to the title which I believe would be much appreciated “the problem WITH dating a #tomboy” and I want to add on to say that the major problem with actually dating a tomboy is, there is none.

For those that are secure and sure of their identity in Christ they cannot fear titles or labels that follow that outward appearance.

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The Beautiful Secrets of Praying Consistently

Lawrence Makoni from Zimbabwe is an identity coach passionate about helping people realise and embrace their identity in Christ. Outside of Rutiziro , a blog he founded,  he is a preacher and speaker with a zeal and passion for reaching all nations with the gospel of Christ. He serves in his local church as a deacon. Lawrence has vast experience in social media consultancy and currently works as Social Media Manager for Unashamed Impact South Africa. Academically he is pursuing a BCom Law degree with the University of South Africa.Enjoy!

A few weeks ago I was struggling to find ways to expand the reach of my blog into Botswana. Because God is awesome, He made my and Rising Tswana’s paths meet in the digital space. Now without much heavy lifting, I have a respectable audience in the beautiful country of Botswana. Thank you Rising Tswana! It all started during prayer.

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Christ Life or Christian Like

Andy Batlhophi is a young philanthropic consultant amongst other things. Studying for a major in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at the University of Botswana, Andy has developed business ideas for a number of young people in Botswana. Andy has most recently founded a Social Enterprise by the name Social Guide Botswana, which is aimed at assisting Not-for-Profit organizations in advertising their day-to-day events whilst also offering consultancy services to ensure their NGOs are effectively run. Andy is also a subsequent blogger and blog at Andy Batlhophi attends Royal Assembly Ministries International. Serving as part of the Protocol and Ushering, after giving his life in January 2014, chooses to align his Life according to how God’s plan is concerning his Life.Enjoy!

Ones identity in Christ is solemnly dependent on the persona we choose to live by when we say we are; ‘Born-Again’. Looks to be a trend to see people having an abrupt change in personality once they change citizenship ‘from changing citizenship and being a son/daughter of the Father’

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