Christ Life or Christian Like

Andy Batlhophi is a young philanthropic consultant amongst other things. Studying for a major in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at the University of Botswana, Andy has developed business ideas for a number of young people in Botswana. Andy has most recently founded a Social Enterprise by the name Social Guide Botswana, which is aimed at assisting Not-for-Profit organizations in advertising their day-to-day events whilst also offering consultancy services to ensure their NGOs are effectively run. Andy is also a subsequent blogger and blog at Andy Batlhophi attends Royal Assembly Ministries International. Serving as part of the Protocol and Ushering, after giving his life in January 2014, chooses to align his Life according to how God’s plan is concerning his Life.Enjoy!

Ones identity in Christ is solemnly dependent on the persona we choose to live by when we say we are; ‘Born-Again’. Looks to be a trend to see people having an abrupt change in personality once they change citizenship ‘from changing citizenship and being a son/daughter of the Father’

One question every Christian must ask themselves is this; ‘What did you change when you got Born-Again?’. Most of my friends have lost what makes them, THEM, when they changed citizenship. The person you were and the person you are seems to be two completely different people, why? Is it maybe because we pre-determine the standards on being a Christian as the Church?

For the law was given through Moses, Grace and Truth were realized through Jesus Christ– John 1:17 (World English Bible.)

It is constantly repeated that Christianity is not about the Do’s and Don’ts but even today we see instances where someone goes to church for a couple of years then all of a sudden they backslide and they get into the very thing which  they sort out to let go. My mentor, Boago F Ramogapi, mentioned that we as people, we go to where we feel comfortable. A lady falls for the man who makes her feel like the queen she is, a child is most attached to the mother because of the comfort the mother makes the child feel. When Christians live a life which is inconsistent with their being, they tend to backslide and go to what makes them feel most comfortable.

I for one used to drink a lot of alcohol. I found so much delight in being out at night with friends.  Because of certain circumstances I decided to leave it all and live a Life of Peace, the Zoe kind of Life. During my first few months in Christ, I felt the gap between my party life and my  life in Christ.

I felt as if there was something missing. I was trying to like be a Christian instead of living a Christ Life.

Many of us must understand what a Christ Life is all about. Now the most Blessed thing about knowing how to live a Christ Life is to believe and Trust in the one true Christ. There is not right way to dress, right way to act, right way to pray, right way to dance in Christ. The minute you try adding do’s and Don’ts, the minute your walk with Christ hardens.

To live a Christ Life, don’t try to be Christian like. Don’t try to be like other Christians. Be like you. God called you to be in His presence because He loves who YOU are not how you act.

Be ‘Born-Again’ and Love God for who he is. Don’t try to change. He has accepted you, just the way you are and He will complete the work in you that He has begun. If you put His desires before your own, you know exactly how He requires you to perform. Dance those songs, sing those lyrics but most importantly, BE YOU!

With Love, AB.

6 thoughts on “Christ Life or Christian Like

  1. I kind of agree with your write up however, I have some contributions.
    I think the “effort” people put into being a “Christian” is the issue here. Living your life for Christ without feeling COMPELLED to is key. Do not forget Jesus said, I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. 10 commandments streamlined into 2 based on love. When you are walking with Christ you’ll definitely know that you have to SEPARATE yourself from some kind of lifestyle (Galatians 5: 19-21).
    I looooovvvveee music and dance but I guard my heart against some kind of music or dance that I know are not God-inspired. Not because I’m trying to be a Christian but because I desire to be with Christ all the time (doing what I know pleases Him and the way He’ll do things). This question pops up “What will Jesus do” most times.

    Remember Paul said, all things are lawful but not all things are profitable.
    Being a disciple requires some painful separation, denial of self, cautious “no”, and some restrains. You can’t afford to do things the way ” unbelievers” do things and ask that grace may abound (Romans 6: 1).
    I hope I haven’t said so much? #smiles
    Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for that insight Nifesimi! We definitely need to watch and be on guard, because from our hearts flow the issues of life. We should not conform to the standard of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Believers on the same vein should not prescribe one way of doing things on to other believers especially when it comes to who God created us with so much diversity and uniqueness and we should not become something someone else tells us to be, but be what God has told us to be. We are one body but different parts and functions and that should be celebrated more and not condemned or compelled to be one thing as you pointed out so brilliantly. Your thoughts are most certainly welcome!

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      1. Exactly. . . God is dynamic is His dealings with His children. Most a times He doesn’t reveal Himself the same way to the same people but He still brings us to a place of consensus. That’s why everyone must strive to have a CONTINUOUS and PERSONAL relationship with Him.

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