Thrilled to share for the second time  from Zimbabwe, Dumo Nyathi. She graduated with a LLB(Hons) from University of London. She is passionate about being passionate. She is fuelled by the desire to give people passion for their lives, career and ministry. She is a long time Sunday School teacher and peer leader so influencing and nurturing minds is one of her gifts.She currently attends River of life International. Enjoy!

Of late I’ve taken to asking myself ‘what would Jesus do?’ I wish I could say it’s for some invocational reason or that I find myself at a newer level of spirituality but sadly it’s not. Au contraire I find myself living in the most spiritually trying and tiring times in what is one of the most oxymoronic countries in the world: Zimbabwe.

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Missing the Point

KLorato Macheng is passionate about philanthropy work specifically empowering young women and girls through her organization Femina Association where she hosts different activities related to that. She is a software engineer by qualification through the University of Botswana and also became a Demonstrator after some years. She is highly involved in community development and attends Christian Revival Church (CRC) Gaborone in Block 8. Enjoy!

I didn’t grow into a Christian family neither did I know what I was doing when I finally stepped into church. It was the love for the kiddie’s classes and the hymns that got me to stay and then it was the food.

Little did I know that the free food was a door opening to freedom, a chapter of destiny was being written.

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My Only Hope was Help

Jarryd Pearson is a young writer, student studying his Bachelor in Theology at South African Theological Seminary and he is a youth leader at his church 3CI and the founder of Please Help Me 180. A transformed former Atheist and drug addict- Jarryd Pearson now uses his experience in overcoming obstacles, by God’s grace, to confront, challenge, inspire and direct those who are seeking help and searching for change. Enjoy!

For the wages of sin is death

How can something utterly worthless, cost so very much?

If Jesus, who is life and the vine to which we are attached, allows for us to bare the fruits of love, joy, peace and so on, then by definition sin, which leads to death, is the process in which we poison these fruits. So essentially you are buying hate, depression, uncertainty and their likes and paying for it with your life.

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A Sister in Waiting

Tshegofatso Mitchell Gababotse, Last born and the only girl in a family of 5. I am from Serowe currently staying in Gaborone and working as an Office Administrator in Finance Park in a company called Ziden. She goes to Pentecostal Holiness Church, Gaborone where she serves as a worship team member.Her greatest passion is seeing women live up to what is inside of them. She gets an exciting bubbling feeling inside  whenever she sees a woman doing something in the church. Her verses to everyone who feel they have lost their blessings and they are troubled are Job 20:15 and Exodus 14:14.Enjoy!

“When are you getting married?” “You look so beautiful” “your boyfriend is one lucky guy”. These are words often heard by sisters and it seems to be the in thing these days. I get surprised at how people are perplexed when I tell them I do not have a boyfriend. Does it sound weird for me not to be in a relationship? I wonder. At times I actually feel I do not even need one. Listen, the truth is I am still learning my worth, still coming into terms with the fact that there is someone who loves me so dearly, someone that thought of me and  wanted to die for me.

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