My Only Hope was Help

Jarryd Pearson is a young writer, student studying his Bachelor in Theology at South African Theological Seminary and he is a youth leader at his church 3CI and the founder of Please Help Me 180. A transformed former Atheist and drug addict- Jarryd Pearson now uses his experience in overcoming obstacles, by God’s grace, to confront, challenge, inspire and direct those who are seeking help and searching for change. Enjoy!

For the wages of sin is death

How can something utterly worthless, cost so very much?

If Jesus, who is life and the vine to which we are attached, allows for us to bare the fruits of love, joy, peace and so on, then by definition sin, which leads to death, is the process in which we poison these fruits. So essentially you are buying hate, depression, uncertainty and their likes and paying for it with your life.

This is where Jesus comes in- through His blood, our debt was paid. As a result of His sacrifice, we are no longer accountable for the ridiculous amount we all owe.

How does this relate to my brand and I? Let me tell you, I owed A LOT! 

As a sexual deviant and atheistic drug addict, my account could seemingly have crushed the spiritual economy. I was such a slave to rage, depression, anxiety and guilt that by the end of my fleshly life, I had not only contemplated death, but had written the letters saying goodbye. All my talents had been squandered, all my happiness was chemically induced, my family had begun drawing away and I was left completely alone- isolated by my increasing insanity, except I wasn’t alone at all.

My only hope was help.

Awe-inspiring, committed, resilient, and devoted – no word in existence, let alone my finite vocabulary, could summarize my mother’s love. I called, I cried out, I confessed and she came and comforted, demonstrating Christlikeness like no other person ever had to me. As a princess who had been covering me with prayer, daily, for as long as I could remember, her guidance, acceptance and furious love, played a vital part in me seeking and finding help, yet she could not truly help me.

I went to rehab where I learnt principles, where the theory of addiction was unpacked upon me, where friendships were established through mutual suffering and understanding, but this did not truly help me. I was holding out from recovery by holding onto my guilt, until my counsellor, Timothy King- a true son serving the Saviour, gave it to me straight. The help I was hoping for did not only come from effort, it did not only come from understanding the set-work, it could not only come from man- no, the help I was hoping for only truly came from Christ.

In an attempt to spare space I won’t get into the specifics of just how supreme and sovereign the Son of Man was to me in my life, but I will say He uses ALL things for good.

I gave the gospels a chance, I put His Word to the test- I realised help was needed and only in Him could I find it, so I cried out for Him to “Please help me!”

The 180 then soon followed. My life had completely turned upside down.Where I was once lost- I now felt found.I was losing control but gaining stability, I could not explain why in my uncertainty I had such surety, after giving my life to Christ I finally felt worthy.

Unlike Paul however, this revelation was not instantaneous. My journey of acceptance took months, months where I was confronted, months of facing my demons and months of slow submission.

More than a year had gone by following the day I had accepted Christ before inspiration struck. It came in the form of a connection with an unbelievable friend who slowly started to reignite something inside of me. My passions, talents and gifts which I had suppressed for the longest of time began pouring out of me once more. I started writing again. I would invest time daily into not only a novel, but an early morning inspirational message to this friend, encouraging her to call upon Christ to help conquer whatever the day might throw at her. I

It didn’t take long before God awoken something in my heart. He showed me that this was bigger than just me, that what I was writing could influence many- He used my past to show me my purpose and so Please Help Me 180 was born.

Please Help Me 180, the book, is a 180 page confrontational, inspirational daily guide to change, but Please Help Me 180 as a whole represents something much bigger. It encourages people to know that even the darkest of dark will disappear in the light of Christ. That He can turn any situation around! It is meant as a platform that can evoke change, where non-believers can unite by turning away from the things of this world and begin heading towards an eternally joyous life with the Lord.

With Love, JP.

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