Missing the Point

KLorato Macheng is passionate about philanthropy work specifically empowering young women and girls through her organization Femina Association where she hosts different activities related to that. She is a software engineer by qualification through the University of Botswana and also became a Demonstrator after some years. She is highly involved in community development and attends Christian Revival Church (CRC) Gaborone in Block 8. Enjoy!

I didn’t grow into a Christian family neither did I know what I was doing when I finally stepped into church. It was the love for the kiddie’s classes and the hymns that got me to stay and then it was the food.

Little did I know that the free food was a door opening to freedom, a chapter of destiny was being written.

I met Christ when I didn’t even know and so I missed the point of being in His Presence because I was not there for Him but He was patient enough to introduce Himself to me.

Through that relationship He had set an assignment for me to be a light in my family. It was a journey that I can never forget and cherish a lot. I got baptised when  I was doing my form 3 and that’s when God began the work in me that I with my natural mind could attest to.

God came in at the right time when I was in turmoil. He had prepared for this time while I was unaware and that’s when I understood the song “On time, in time, every time”. During this stage I began to read more of the word and started watching sermons on TV. This word became my staff and hope for tomorrow. The word of God will do that to you. It will transform, rebuke and give hope.

I realise today that He loved me whilst I was still lost in the world.

I realise today that He is never caught off guard but always on time.

I realise today that His plans are not the same as mine but His are better for me.

It is important to know that Christ is not only found in the weekly church meetings or everyday trips to church. God is not there because you sing better or you can quote His word from beginning to end.

Firstly He chose you and loved you whilst in darkness Romans 8v5

 He is there for what others cannot see, the time you have with Him alone. Don’t miss the point, stay plugged to the source. There is no cruise button on the journey to salvation, you keep seeking .Remember salvation is free but you work to keep it .

When we stay connected to Him that’s when we find the power to become victors in everyday challenges.

If you are like my old self, finding yourself going to church for any other reason than for our Lord Jesus.If you find yourself sitting next to the King but not really in the kingdom it is time for you connect to the true vine. He did it for me by loving me first and making a way for me.

With Love, LM.

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