You are the Mark

Resego Otlhabanye is a twenty something year old with nothing but sunshine and melody. She serves under worship at His People Church and works at Adapt IT. She studied in Malaysia is an Advisor for Rising Tswana. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was OutKast, The Misfits, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Rebels, Odd Foot of Grunts, Mayhem, you name it. The list is quite endless.

What list? Well, these are some of the names of bands that are currently available around the world that seem rather off-ish. Which begs the question, why would anyone ever want to call themselves by these names? Really, why? We know some of the bands’ music, like that Outcast song “Hey Ya” that always gets us dancing. Or “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs N Harmony” that makes you feel churchy_fied a little and then switches up to that hip hop feel. Wait a minute, what about The Misfits and their old school vibe? On the other hand, one might find the music of these bands as being distasteful. Yet here we are, on occasion, in one way or another, find ourselves relating to these names.

Have you ever, oh have you ever? Felt like an outcast in a world that seems to be functioning so effortlessly except for you?

Have you ever, oh have you ever, felt like a bone thug feeling all kinds of dry on the inside and yet nowhere near to feeling harmonious deep within?

Have you ever, oh have you ever, truly felt that the mayhem of life has hit you so hard and so quickly that you don’t even know what to do?

Have you ever, oh have you ever?

But have ever asked yourself if

Beyond the madness, beyond the rebellion and whatever else YOU ARE MARKED for life. The truth is that Christ has marked you. No matter how isolated or far away or lost or out of sorts everything seems to be, the MARK remains.

The things that try weigh down on the mind and body to try erase the deep markings of Him who is loves you without judgement.

The words of these band names, crazy as they be, seem surreal to you as the feeling of them seem closer than God Himself. I know that feeling as well. The thing that changes them is the MARK. All God sees are baby eyes, the cute smile, the brokenness, the loss, the pain, the sickness, yet in all these things the MARK does not ever fade.

There is still a place for your life through Him to live beyond the mayhem and go passed the crossroads to a place of freedom in Him. You are marked.

Nothing will ever change that. Outcast, mayhem, misfit are words that will never hold weight against that imprint never loses its ink (for lack of a better word on you). You are MARKED. By Christ. For Christ.

With Love, RKO.


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