Kwame Samuel Rubadiri,age 20, grew up in Gaborone but lives in Berlin. He moved there to do a gap year (internship) at the Every Nation Kirche Berlin and during his time there, God slowly began to extend his stay by planting the idea of studying Psychology there as well.He always enjoys reading a good book, sometimes in German too.He loves to sing and fellowship with friends. Although,he is also really looking forward to see revival breakout in Germany and witness a nation that gave us the Bible, turn back to God. 

Father, where are you taking me

Father, through the fog it’s hard to see


What is this journey

At times it can be scary

You call it destiny

But ‘out’ is what I sometimes plea


To sit back and watch the sea

Is easier than setting captives free

I know it’s my duty

And you don’t want me to be lazy


But I do miss the simpler times

When I never knew the worlds lies

The way evil flows out and flys

Through never ending political wars which lead to children’s cries

Hoping no one else dies

As their family’s loses those precious ties


Militants, who once were those crying children, for some reason serve the states mission with their own ambition

Which isn’t always the best decision

When you kill loved ones because they are Muslim or Christian


Perhaps Disney led my life to fantasy

A tale that wouldn’t ever be


I dream to go to university

Took me 3 years to get ready

Since it had to be in Germany

But the question is which city?


Once again must I leave my friends?

Leave these stories as dead ends

Would I have to start following trends

So that my story blends

But that’s not who I am


My story gets harder to believe

I don’t want to leave

But who am I trying to deceive


For God I’m just waiting

This is just one of those moments I’m hating

As I continue with God debating

Why he keeps with the delaying

And I’m just saying

I want on my application a University’s official signing


Now I know for sure

That I’m heading through the right door

I just heard a motivational speaker

Who made me a whole lot meeker


I don’t want to drown in regret

For my dream that was never met

It’s going to be difficult

But it’s better than sitting in guilt

I don’t need to say more

For it is Gods natural law

since the day of Adams fall

No matter how strong the wall

I shall break its core

And come out walking tall

With Love, SR.

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