Behind that Smile

Claudia Manuel is a motivated and goal driven Sociology and English graduate of the University of Botswana. She is of Angolan descent yet raised in Botswana. She is a lover of people who speak English, Setswana, Portuguese and Swahili. She has a passion for God, fashion and poetry. She accredited her being to Christ by stating “I am because He is”. Enjoy!

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This week’s article comes from Lucy Afua Darkoah Leshomo, a returning writer with Rising Tswana. She is a student in BSc Hons in General Computing  at Botho University in Gaborone.She is also a poet, writer in Botho’s student magazine She is an Historian at heart and passionate reader. She attends Christian Revival Church (CRC) since 2011 where she serves as an usher and leader. She is also a techwiz and aspiring entrepreneur. Enjoy!

For years I have longed for you voice, wandering how you would speak, longing for Your heart. You gave me just a taste of who You really are and I’m in awe.

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Behold, the Old is Gone and the New has Come!

Neo Gababotse is a soon to be a graduate of the University of Botswana. With a bachelor’s degree in Public administration and Economics. Currently she is on internship at the Ministry of Local Government under the department of Rural Development. She is an Administrator at Rising Tswana. Her Lifestyle is founded on these verses, Psalm 119:11(I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you),Romans 8:28(And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, and have been called according to this purpose). She is currently serving in the church education committee at Pentecostal Holiness Church. Enjoy!

I remember taking step of faith that day, a step into a new life in Christ. At that time I did not understand much about what that step together with the confession I uttered with my mouth believing it in my heart meant. It only took those actions to introduce me to a new life in Christ – a new management. The new life came with a lot of things and proved not to be an easy way of living. It introduced me to a way of life in which the Father is always present and yet I cannot see him with my naked eyes.  Imagine that!

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What will it take

Lisa Bokani Motsu  is a Christian young girl aged 17 who
has found the love in writing as she believes that writing is the core of life. Lisa attends Francistown Senior Secondary School and she is currently doing form four.Just from a tender age writing has always been her passion. Her best
interest is going to church because in the house of God she feels his presence. She Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Portland Oregon she strives
to live above sin. She can testify to say that Jesus lives and He can save. Enjoy!

She hits her head so hard on the wall surrounded with a bellyful of troubles and the feelings of depression, pain, disappointments and anger engulfs her mind and eats her up like cancer in its final stage. Teared up into pieces with no one to rescue her because of the deep and bizarre violation,pressure and molestation she has endured. Robbed of her womanhood that she had wished so hard to preserve until the day she will utter her vows before the congregation and say, “I do” to the man who she will be solemnized with in a rightful mannered way. I was only a fool to believe that a signed piece of paper with over a thousand delegates to sign it would officially end sex slave work and in the ground it will buried and never resurrect again. As I isolate myself from the world, racked with pain and all day long, walking around filled with grief and terror.

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The Rain Song

Tuduetso Pretty Nkunyane, God’s own. Loves life, loves to laugh and her greatest prayer and hope is that each person can have an encounter with God. A member of the Seventh Adventist Church who loves the arts and would love to see them incorporated in worship more and writer behind Ring Finger Confessions post on social media. Enjoy!

I am a Motswana, from Botswana and I was born and raised in the beautiful streets of Gaborone.

Rain holds a significant place in the lives of Batswana and translated to Setswana rain is pula. Our currency is called the PULA, our national slogan is PULA, when we bid you farewell and wish you well we send you off with the blessing PULA e go nele tseleng which means ‘may it rain on your path.’

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