What will it take

Lisa Bokani Motsu  is a Christian young girl aged 17 who
has found the love in writing as she believes that writing is the core of life. Lisa attends Francistown Senior Secondary School and she is currently doing form four.Just from a tender age writing has always been her passion. Her best
interest is going to church because in the house of God she feels his presence. She Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Portland Oregon she strives
to live above sin. She can testify to say that Jesus lives and He can save. Enjoy!

She hits her head so hard on the wall surrounded with a bellyful of troubles and the feelings of depression, pain, disappointments and anger engulfs her mind and eats her up like cancer in its final stage. Teared up into pieces with no one to rescue her because of the deep and bizarre violation,pressure and molestation she has endured. Robbed of her womanhood that she had wished so hard to preserve until the day she will utter her vows before the congregation and say, “I do” to the man who she will be solemnized with in a rightful mannered way. I was only a fool to believe that a signed piece of paper with over a thousand delegates to sign it would officially end sex slave work and in the ground it will buried and never resurrect again. As I isolate myself from the world, racked with pain and all day long, walking around filled with grief and terror.

I find myself asking this question, what will it really take for these wicked, immoral acts of child molestation, prostitution, rape and let alone defilement to disappear like smoke. I have become tired and weary continuously hearing about the same issues every single day that are causing havoc.

“Cruel men” I call them, what have we done that is injustice to you? I mean you care little of our hopes and because of your shameful acts you leave us hopeless.

The leadership has become a crisis, diluted with corrosive substances be it in the family, church, school and even in political level and we cannot deny all these acts of sex slave work take place in each and every level yet we are the very same people who want to achieve a certain goal. The very same nation that always preaches non-ending sermons of zero infections of diseases. The very same people who we young girls look up to you for help but regrettably that we get the exact opposite.

Words never end and they are written down time and again and the continuous talking and campaigns that have become a norm but to the minds of other cruel men it is a new hit song and some expect the change to start with others while they don’t, how sad and disappointing it is.

” Cruel men” is their most deserved name, have you ever been destroyed and left like a deserted road where no one travels in it anymore well that is exactly what you are doing to the lives of young innocent girls and women.

“Cruel men” what will take for you to stop so that some of us could be at peace and to stop living in terror of who is the next victim? The severe torture and dark burden that you put young girls and women through, what will it take for you to stop? I wonder if it is because you want to show your sexual vivility but that’s not how you do it and mind you, each and every individual has a right and it demands to be respected please “cruel men.” I just wish you could pay attention to my words that groan and please these words demand to be felt within and heard of.

The skill that you use to take an advantage of an innocent girl that in the end of a chapter you leave nothing but a worn out face from the sobbing, pillows are wet during her nights from the weeping which came from her watery red eyes while you walk in the outskirts of the city but what really have you achieved in the end?

Well allow me to tell you that, the life of that very same girl whom you destroyed is filled with hatred and anger that she cannot seem to forget.

It is your own fault that she will remain with the scar all her life. You see, our hearts have changed to become wax and when the abuse strikes, the pain also hits severely and like an aluminum foil on a hot burner it melts within us, it is left dried up like small pieces of bread that Lazarus picked up and covered with sores and pain and you as the rich man who lived his life in luxury accompanied with the devil and immoral works. Like a pregnant woman who is about to give birth that is exactly the situation I find myself in, a mouth and a mind full of words.

I know very well the pain that they are in. Some have lost the meaning of life and some just give up. My loved one, you may be in the wilderness but there is that one person who will come to your rescue. That one powerful person is God. The one whom we look up to. He gives us strength when we are helpless. He is the only one who will deliver you from evil people. God will offer you his dwelling place for comfort. I say to you, don’t give up yet in life. Help is on the way. The Almighty promised us in the book of Psalms that, He is our Shepard and His rod and His staff surely comfort us. All you have to do is to be bold and look up into the heavens to God.Praise the Lord with your heart.

We all want to live in peace and harmony and we all have dreams for success so let us live it. As long as evil sexual desires reigns then we won’t live in peace but gone are the days where we had to be quiet and do nothing and hopefully justice has come and to be served. Rest in peace “cruel men” our lives filled with confidence and power arise now and long live our strength and courage.

The Lord hears your voice. He will give you mercy and the right path because of His good mercy.

He will be there for you, to listen to everything you have to say. As long as you are breathing, pray daily. Your soul will be at rest again because the Lord has been good to you. You will have a testimony to tell.

With Love, LBM.

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