Leave your Lover

Sesame Samantha Marumo is a mover and shaker of life who believes that all people are created to serve their surroundings through all their talents and personalities. She does this through her gift of words; she is the author of the highly inspirational book titled “Agent of Change” and she is an exceptional modern musical Poet. Sam is a young farmerlooking to break barriers in that industry as well. She is also a Scientist who has researched and published on the anti-oxidant effects of the indigenous plant Ziziphumucronata (locally known as Mokgalo) and is currently involved in research on the anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic effects of Jatrophacurcas. Sam serves the Nation of Botswana through the Ministry of Minerals Energy and Water Resources and attends His People Gaborone.Enjoy!

I was only looking for me, loving me. For Him I didn’t care,

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Changing Seasons

Tshimologo Matlhaga is currently completing a Masters degree in International Relations at the University of Cape Town. She is passionate about pursuing Jesus and living in the fullness of His salvation; and has a heart to see nations and generations transformed by the power of the Gospel. She is currently trying to get the hang of being an adult, and is simply loving the great adventure that is life – messy and unpredictable as it is. She attends Church-on-Main in Cape Town.

One of my favourite things about living in Cape Town over the last few years has been finally being able to see and experience what changing seasons look like. I remember growing up in Gaborone and often thinking how ironic it was that I learnt in school that there were four distinct seasons of the year, but in reality, it seemed as if we only experienced summer and winter. Through the years in Cape Town, I have loved watching the leaves transition from a bright green to a burnt orange and eventually to a dry and crispy brown. I have stared in wonder as I’ve seen the long and rainy winter give way to the blossoming flowers and the clear, blue skies.

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Jeso o Rena mo Botswana

The now Jeso O Rena Mo Botswana(Jesus reigns in Botswana) are prayer walks organised by the Unashamed Movement Botswana, and the first year (2013) it was called God Belongs in My City in partnership with the organization with the same name in the USA (GBIMC), and after that they decided to organise prayer walks on their own called JESO O RENA MO BOTSWANA. It starts this year at Main Mall under the Coat of Arms opposite Civic Centre at 6am and ends with a celebration concert from 12pm-6pm at the Main Mall piazza between President Hotel and FNB.

I have never been the one to make a big deal out of anything, but I think it’s a pretty big deal to pray for the country.

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Who are you Fellowshipping with?

Tlhalefo Gloria Motswagole aka “Glow” as called by those closest to her,is a young Christian and youth leader in her church Pentecostal Holiness Church. Glow hails from Palapye and is an MA Economics graduate. She’s currently residing in Mahalapye through work. She’s passionate about the call of God in her life and believes everyone must find that purpose which God has given them and them do it!She takes pleasure in Worship to the father and spending time with the children and youth. She is a writer and a guitarist.Her favorite scripture of all time is 1 Corinthians 13!

A straight forward question. Isn’t it? But first what does fellowship mean? According to the free dictionary, online, fellowship is defined as ”The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms.” Many-a-times as people , we take this issue of fellowship lightly. We do whatever we want to do, anyhow we want to do it, with whomever we want to do it with. But I believe when we talk of spirituality, great sensitivity and selectivity ought to be exercised in such issues.

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