Rising Tswana

Sesame Samantha Marumo, a retunring writer,  is a mover and shaker of life who believes that all people are created to serve their surroundings through all their talents and personalities. She does this through her gift of words; she is the author of the highly inspirational book titled “Agent of Change” and she is an exceptional modern musical Poet.Enjoy!

The reason for which the nations had been waiting

They showed up, ready. Excellence flowing like it aint even a thing

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Our writer this week is Colleta Madimura is an Associate Pastor at House Church International. She enjoys writing articles, visiting and donating to the orphans, motivational speaking and traveling to the remote areas for outreach, Enjoy.

Life is full of challenges.  Economic difficulties, serious illnesses, family problems and political unrest plague people on a daily basis.  How a person faces each challenge that comes their way however, says much about their character, who they are on the inside.  Some people draw strength and inspiration from the experiences of others.

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Eternal God

The lovely Vivien Dakpo is a Musical Worship coordinator at Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Her singular goal in life is to learn what pleases the Lord and to do that smile emoticon It’s an exercise in faith, without which it is impossible to please Him. Enjoy!

Ah Eternal God,

How shall I begin to speak Your wonders

How can my unclean lips begin to utter the Name of Yahweh?

How can this tomb of clay proclaim the works of the Potter

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Dare to Believe

Claudia Manuel is a motivated and goal driven Sociology and English graduate of the University of Botswana. She is of Angolan descent yet raised in Botswana. She is a lover of people who speak English, Setswana, Portuguese and Swahili. She has a passion for God, fashion and poetry. She accredited her being to Christ by stating “I am because He is”. Enjoy!

Let it be known to the young and old

Life is like a buffet

It is a series of choices

We are not born winners

We are neither born losers

We are born chosers

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Writer’s Meet|Passion

This week, Phodiso Mpotokwane, friend to Rising Tswana shares his review of our forth edition of our Writer’s Meets event. Enjoy

Passion; often times a word thrown around loosely to describe things we mildly like carrot cake, chakalaka and a Setswana food item-whose-name-I-can’t-remember-but-rhymes-with-tots. But what does passion do? As in what is its function in the life of an actual human being who is called by the name of Christ? What sorts of things manifest themselves where pseudo pharisaic zeal is thrown into issues of life, the kingdom and the Godhead? To find out we had Eteng Mohwasa and Lazarus Takawira to share some of their experiences in the journey of life Eteng currently owns and runs Body Signature and Beauty Spa as well as MoCupcakes.

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