A Mission to Inspire

Josephine Amoako hails from Ghana, and is a passionate and enthusiastic writer and blogger. She loves to read, write, listen to music and watch movies/TV series. She is Christian and worships at Victory Charismatic Chapel. She is on a mission to inspire the world one piece at a time. She blogs at Joseyphina’s World. Enjoy!

I discovered writing at a pretty young age and it has been an integral part of me ever since. I guess my love for books and movies also went a long way to inspire me to pick up my pen to write my first piece. I believe God gave me this wonderful talent of writing to help me shine even in my reserved personality.

He knows me better than anyone else and He knows what I can do considering who and how I am.

When I began writing, all I could envision was writing amazing stories which people would enjoy and would graduate into globally acclaimed blockbuster movies and put me on a pedestal of honor. But as I grew older and closer in my relationship with God, I realized my mission was all wrong. My gift of writing wasn’t about me.

It is about Him; His purpose, His kingdom and His glory. And ever since I received this renewed insight about how to use my gift, it changed how I wrote and the morale behind my pieces.

I must say writing has been a reliable companion during my toughest and darkest times. I always find writing therapeutic and nerve-soothing. Some of the inspirational pieces I write are meant for me; they are words I need to read to remind me of who I am in God and that He is in control. And to be able to use my pain and discomfort to encourage others out there is something I consider a privilege.

So in all things, I know everything that happens in my life happens for a reason and a good one at that.

I can confidently say that God has used my writing to communicate with me personally several times and that is what has drawn me closer to Him, knowing that He’s my source of inspiration and I can only write best when I invite Him to take over my fingers on the keyboard.

The future is bright, I believe. I hope to be a screenwriter in the near future. I’ve always dreamed of bringing my written words alive on screen-to share the mental imagery of my stories with others in color. With God by my side, I know it is not just possible, it will happen.

With Love, JA.




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