Kabo Nametso is a campus minister and attends His People Gaborone East, Botswana.  He disciples campus students and raises and develops future leaders for our society. He enjoys having conversations with people and reading as he believes that’s how one acquires knowledge and gets to share their story. His passion is seeing individuals, communities, nations, continents,bowing down before the one and true King of kings. Enjoy!

Psalm 145:4, “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.”

One thing I love about the Bible is that it addresses life as a whole. One of the most discussed issues of every organization is LEADERSHIP! And the Bible has much to say on leadership. Every continent, country, business, project needs first class leaders. I am using the word first- class leaders as we have ascribed to the idea that leadership is position though it is NOT. We have read in books that it is influence, impact, position, e.t.c. Whereas knowledge, qualification, and experience are much needed ingredients of leadership, our society overlooks the most important ingredient: SERVING!

If our cabinet, government, companies, organizations, CHURCHES were all lead by people who want to serve our society first, imagine the impact it will leave in people’s lives, in our nation and Africa as a whole.

My hope is to see first class leaders raised, developed, equipped and empowered to lead. I believe if we want to make a lasting impact we need to GO to the next generation.

Someone said elderly people are leaders of today and yesterday, while young people are leaders of today and tomorrow. Which means today we lead TOGETHER (both the young and the old).

So, in order to make a lasting impact we need to be intentional about reaching young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling them to become like Christ and teaching them what Christ Jesus commanded us. Why??? Because they will be leading in our absence tomorrow and passing their style of leadership to their next generation.

Here are the two commandments Christ gave us. All the ten commandments were summed up in these two;

1) To love God with all your heart, mind and soul – I believe our chief aim is to honor God with whichever position we are given. In every little thing we are doing, we need to ensure that we are loving and serving God and that we are glorifying God with our positions. God tells us the way we serve people, especially the poor, widows, orphans, needy (voiceless), is exactly how we are serving Him.

So everything we are doing, we need to give it a best shot like we are serving God.

2) To love your neighbor as you love yourself – The Bible here calls us to put other people’s interests before ours. It calls us to demonstrate love by serving our neighbor. Neighbor in our context refers to that guy in front of the desk, people who lodged a complaint, that dissatisfied customer, that ever-gossiping colleague, the hard-to-please boss.

We are called to love and serve other people exactly the way we expect to be treated.

So, I have decided to heed the call to GO to campuses, to raise these first-class next generation leaders. My heart aches to see next generation business men, cabinet ministers, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, who are there to first honor God and going an extra mile to serve our nation, society and people.

Daniel 1:20 underlines what I am trying to say, ” In every matter of wisdom and understanding (leadership principles) about which the king questioned them (leaders, next generation leaders), he found them ten times better (first-class leaders) than all magicians and enchanters (people in positions) in his whole kingdom.”

Ten times better leaders are currently in our campuses!

 With Love, KN.

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