Eternal Gratitude

Mpho Mmathapelo Molekoa is a Health and Skincare Professional from Pretoria, South Africa.A writer at heart, she is passionate about writing inspirational articles, poetry and short stories, and also enjoys art, food, travel and wellness. She attends The Gospel Runners Prophetic Ministries and believes living and encouraging others through the Word of God has been spiritually-purposed.Enjoy!

What a beautiful gift life is, so full of the wonders that have been created for our enjoyment. The very life in which our beings are awakened so we can be able to do that which we have been created for. Yet far too often you would hear of people talking of how great God is and how wonderful the things He has done are. Of course those are beautiful things, but in most of these cases you find that it is a time in their lives when almost everything seems to be going well. When the pockets are full, the bills have been paid and even some surplus still exists to be counted. When the parasympathetic nervous system is working well such that stress levels are low, it is very easy to utter the words “Thank you”. Whether it be for the smaller things or the bigger more complicated things, the mind does not find it hard to demonstrate the meaning of these words to the world.

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Jewels of Life:Lessons

Refilwe Kerekang loves creating opportunities and developing environement that exercise growth. She attends His People Church. Enjoy!

I’ve always imagined my life in a form of a book, chapters that have already been established and written by the heavens for me to live out in this lifetime. I’m also a firm believer in synchronization and the order of things but even then does it get quite challenging to stay in this whimsical path when life happens as I move from one chapter to another.

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Rising 2017. Rising Bongo

Our first article this week for the year, will be from our Founder, Lesego Barona Otlhabanye. Enjoy.

Here we are, 2017, a year full of promise, faith and hope. I love that every year we go through this renewed vigour and excitement to do it all over again. For 365 days, we get to challenge ourselves, grow and demand better from ourselves. We set resolutions and faith goals and trust God to lead us, it truly is a privilege.

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