Rising 2017. Rising Bongo

Our first article this week for the year, will be from our Founder, Lesego Barona Otlhabanye. Enjoy.

Here we are, 2017, a year full of promise, faith and hope. I love that every year we go through this renewed vigour and excitement to do it all over again. For 365 days, we get to challenge ourselves, grow and demand better from ourselves. We set resolutions and faith goals and trust God to lead us, it truly is a privilege.

Looking back on the previous year, I know a lot of us had our fair share of trial, tribulation, loss disappointment and fear. I have to say for myself, it was definitely a year of testing, trying and failing…failing miserably. I look back sometimes with regret about how some things happened or the fact that they did not. I wished I had seized the moment more and lived with more boundless purpose. Nonetheless, what I recognize as well is that in those moments, there was God who was calling me to Him, to His purpose, His will and relationship.

I look back and realise that despite everything, He works out everything for our good, that His promises are sure and His word eternal.

2016 was nothing short of crazy but gosh, it’s amazing that our God is above it all, still. That you and I made it through and our testimonies will be shared as they release us into victory. So this year, I hope you are challenged to look back on the previous year not as an inconvenience but an opportunity to share your story!

I love that our writers throughout last year shared various versions of how they experienced the faithfulness of God in their lives and were courageous enough to share that with all of you. I am challenged to share my walk as well, with a God who values each and everyone of our stories and lives. So even in this year, with our hope strapped to our boots, may we also continue to share and connect with others.

Our service to men is what God requires of us. Let’s continue to serve with our gifts, passions, talents, lives and may this space continue to give you all the opportunity to do so for His glory.

So do continue writing, sharing your lives, connecting with us through our Writer’s Meets and interacting with us through our various platforms.

And so it only makes sense that we expand this vision. For sometime, we have been working behind the scenes to start a second blog. It is with great excitement that we announce the starting of Rising Bongo. Rising Bongo, our second base, will be starting in Tanzania this month lead by Bonolo Bananuka and an amazing team behind her. We will be continuing to share updates and the big reveal soon. We hope you will be continuing with us on this journey Rising together. Our hope is that we continue to reach more people with our stories sharing the awesomeness of Christ in our lives with the hopes of opening the door to share the Good News of the Gospel. Our heart is for people, passion and commission and I pray that you live out as well what God has placed in your heart. Continue praying with us and our Tanzanian team as we keep Rising, I believe we all be Rising in 2017. You and I.

With Love, LBO.

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