Eternal Gratitude

Mpho Mmathapelo Molekoa is a Health and Skincare Professional from Pretoria, South Africa.A writer at heart, she is passionate about writing inspirational articles, poetry and short stories, and also enjoys art, food, travel and wellness. She attends The Gospel Runners Prophetic Ministries and believes living and encouraging others through the Word of God has been spiritually-purposed.Enjoy!

What a beautiful gift life is, so full of the wonders that have been created for our enjoyment. The very life in which our beings are awakened so we can be able to do that which we have been created for. Yet far too often you would hear of people talking of how great God is and how wonderful the things He has done are. Of course those are beautiful things, but in most of these cases you find that it is a time in their lives when almost everything seems to be going well. When the pockets are full, the bills have been paid and even some surplus still exists to be counted. When the parasympathetic nervous system is working well such that stress levels are low, it is very easy to utter the words “Thank you”. Whether it be for the smaller things or the bigger more complicated things, the mind does not find it hard to demonstrate the meaning of these words to the world.

This at times, however, does not hold true when one’s world seems to be in a state of imbalance.

Oftentimes we look so long at how difficult and messed-up our situations are, that we fail to see the positive things happening amidst them. We let the circumstances we are faced with direct our thinking, our emotions. In a desperate attempt to fulfil what is called “being realistic” we end up going round and round in circles wishing we could have a better understanding. We become frustrated at the mere things we should be grateful for. Why is it so difficult to be thankful when things are not going our way?

Is it because we feel there is some kind of limitation holding our ability to show even the slightest of appreciation towards God, ourselves and others? Or is it all dependent on whether we feel happy or sad, joyous or sorrowful, loved or rejected?

Throughout my journey of life I have realized that it is possible to live up to the old adage written in the book of Thessalonians in the Bible “Be thankful in all circumstances”. It is simply a command, not to be taken for granted but one which is doable hence “Be” and not “Try to be”.

So how does one show their utmost feelings of thankfulness? It can be as simple as saying a prayer of gratitude to the Almighty for the blessings bestowed upon you. A smile, a hug, a pat on the back, the stretching of your hand to another person, maybe a basket full of gifts made with love. Extending to that many other ways that one can think of.

For, even the state of breathing, of being, in itself, is an act of a soul to the Creator for gratitude.

It is not so much about what you have in order to show how appreciative you are but rather that there is gratitude in your heart. Out of that springs positive emotions; peace, joy, happiness, enthusiasm and so we become more in tune with who we are as well as with everything happening around us. We begin to shift our focus. Instead of succumbing to the daily annoyances, pressures and stressors, we yield to what brings us into a place of personal contentment.

We learn to let go of the things that hold us back; baggages that have been weighing on us for so long are suddenly thrown deep into the garbage bin with no looking back.

We develop that burning desire to be more of who we are instead of clinging to negativity and all that comes with it. And although life does present itself with good and bad situations, we eventually learn to be at peace with and embrace our circumstances instead of despising them.

Yes, the pruning process might leave one teary-eyed with surprises. In the end however, it leads to a good level of growth. Growth, being one of the desires of God for our lives, means we emerge as strong and beautiful people ready to move forward into a purposeful sense of thankfulness.

I cannot stress the many things that can be thanked for in this life or the beauty that lies therein. What I do know is that thankfulness brings some kind of liberation. It breeds generosity and generosity is the very character of God. So in all seasons, remember 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18.

With Love,M.M.

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