Dry bones, Where Dreams Die

Nthabiseng Rhoda Mokgoabone is passionate about God, His word and has given her life to learning how to love, serve and equip His Body with tools that would  help them grow in knowing who He really is. Part of the Unashamed Movement Botswana and rising entrepreneur. She lives for food, good coffee, good reads and random hangouts! She attends Kingdom City Church Botswana. Enjoy!

“The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the middle of the valley; it was full of bones.”  Ezekiel 37:1 ESV

When God’s leadership just doesn’t make sense

Have you ever followed God and trusted Him to lead you? Then, right before your eyes He starts walking into dark, dry, barren places and you’re left wondering, what on earth is going on here? In moments like these, it would be worthwhile to stop and consider who the author of this book, Ezekiel, was to God and maybe find ourselves in his story.


The beginning of the Book of Ezekiel is rather specific about the time, place and who Ezekiel was: we see Ezekiel being hand-picked by God from a multitude of people. An outcast, chosen to fulfill a specific purpose. In the Old Testament, the prophets were loyal servants of God who served as the Lord’s messengers to their nation and to the world. Often risking their own lives to pour out their souls into their pleas to all who had wandered from God, crying out for all to turn back to Him.

They often challenged the normalcy and standard of that day with the Word of God.

This was not an easy call, they frequently lost what was most precious to them, and Ezekiel was no exception. He lost his reputation among his people and the delights of his world. There are many things that one can lose, especially in the struggles of life, but the one thing that cannot be taken away is who we are, and whose we are.

Doubting God, when dreams die

Lord, you gave this dream to me, why take it away, now? These words barely made it out of my mouth as I lay down the entirety of what God had called me to do; all I had come to love deeply, filling my days with purpose and satisfaction. I was walking into a season where all the follies of life would be placed before me and I had a decision to make – relent to the process or take the road of less resistance? It was a season where I’d be lost in the noise of the world: the pressures, doubts, the questions and opinions, but there was a sound yet to be heard and that was God’s own voice.

When God took my voice, my “unheard” season

God took away my voice, to give me His. It was His story I was to tell and not my own. To a world that needed to hear His heart and His cry, putting to silence all the other voices of this day. Truth is He took the biggest gamble with entrusting me with His Message, knowing me from the inside out, still He saw the best in me.

So much so that in the midst of my weakest and my worst, He surrounded me as the only true God, mighty to deliver me from my struggles as He delighted over me with gladness, constantly calming my soul with his love and rejoicing over me with loud singing [Zephaniah 3:17, paraphrased].

In my highs and my lows, He remained the same.

“You may feel like your voice has been taken away but I am giving you my voice of restoration, healing, reconciliation and salvation for the nations.” – God

… Are you even good?

In the chaos of the storm His voice seems distant and muffled. It is so easy then to lose grip on who God says He is, and when what’s in front of us is so contradictory to what He says about Himself, His goodness is questionable.

Where are you?

In the process, while waiting for His providence to walk in in grandeur as the dawn that curries away the dark of night, the gnawing question persisted – What now? What do I do now while waiting on you? The answer is different for all of us, however the principle remains the same – as long as God doesn’t change the circumstance, allow Him to change you.

Had I not waited on the Lord, I would have never seen His hand in my circumstances.

“Our bones are dried up, our hope is gone, there’s nothing left of us.” Ezekiel 37:11 MSG

Ever felt like your past is greater than your present and future? And you’re constantly wondering if your life is over or that’s it! You’ve reached the peak of your life and there’s nothing more to explore of yourself, your life and the world around you? Maybe you do have plans, but, the hope and fight have left you. The story of the Valley of Dry Bones is for you.

It always paints a livid picture in my mind. More so when I read the words, Son of Man – the same words used in the Bible for Jesus, whom the Bible also calls the Man of Sorrows, whom, lest we forget, lamented in compassion for “the one He loves” – we are the Ones He loves. I see a picture of Jesus walking among the dry bones of the valley: the desolate, the lost, the hopeless, hurting, troubled, and anxious… those giving up on God and their dreams, with these words,

“Dry bones; listen to the Message of God.” Ezekiel 37:4 MSG

This is a word for the struggling youth, in the midst of the seemingly unending struggle. When the questions remain, the answer always is the same and certain,

“I am bringing the breath of life to you and you’ll come to life…You’ll come alive and realise that I am GOD

With love, NRM.

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