We Will Worship

We Will Worship is a band that has successfully crafted a style for a new generation of South African gospel lover. Deeply grounded in traditional South African gospel sounds, yet fused with a distinct creative flair, their music has made major inroads within the gospel scene and has made them forerunners within the contemporary gospel genre.

We Will Worship’s debut album “The Movemeant Begins…” received critical acclaim and collected industry awards. To the surprise of many pundits, they eclipsed household names during this breakthrough year.

Such was the impact that the band made on the South African music scene that they were invited to perform live at the 2012 SAMA’s.

Their sophomore album titled “YHWH”, released in 2013, continued in the success of the first album with more industry awards and recognition. Songs from YHWH are regular features on radio stations and TV shows both locally and abroad, with music videos boasting over 300k views on their YouTube channel.

Whist touring Southern (including Botswana) and East Africa, the band released acoustic renditions of songs that would be on their third album.

To their surprise the acoustic songs began to be sung in churches across the nation as well as being covered by fans on YouTube.

The band recently did a digital release of their highly anticipated new album titled “MMUSO” (Kingdom), which debuted at #1 overall on SA iTunes.

The eighteen track album was recorded live in Johannesburg and features dynamic gospel artist, Khaya Mthethwa and Xhosa folk singer, Bongeziwe Mabandla.

This beautifully crafted album, recorded in an intimate setting is also We Will Worship’s first DVD recording.

MMUSO is an authentically contemporary South African work as it features all new songs and in a total of seven Southern African languages, which makes it We Will Worship’s most diverse album to date, both linguistically and sonically. We Will Worship continues to reach across cultures and ethnicities as they write the songs and stories of a generation in an ever changing and diverse South Africa and beyond. They carry the sound of the nation.


Metro FM Awards- Best Urban Gospel 2011

Crown Gospel Awards – Best Newcomer 2011

Mzansi Gospel Awards – Song of the Year 2015

Mzansi Gospel Awards – Best Produced Album 2015


Crown Gospel Awards – Best Group 2011, Best Collaboration 2011

South African Music Awards (SAMAS) – Best Contemporary Faith Music 2012

Crown Gospel Awards – Best Contemporary Song 2013

South African Music Awards (SAMAS) – Best Contemporary Faith Music 2014

KORA Awards – Best Spiritual Music Group 2014

Metro FM Awards – Best Urban Gospel 2014

Metro FM Awards- Best Urban Gospel 2016

With Love, WWWM.

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