My Journey in God

Wesley Katlego Mallege from Molepolole, Botswana is a pilot trainee and a poet. Currently part of the family at His People Church in Gaborone. He is a disciple of Christ who loves mission work and wants to make Him known. Enjoy!

It is somehow stitched in our minds that as a child growing up in a family that prays and goes to church almost every Sunday makes one Christian. Maybe it would if we were born saved. It had never occurred to me that there will come a point where I had to make a decision to follow Jesus, one my mother couldn’t make for me.

Well she did make sure I went to church even on days I didn’t feel like it. At the age of 12 I had a bit of an understanding of what it meant to follow Christ and that is when I decided to acknowledge Him as my Lord and personal Saviour. I then got baptised. I began to have the willingness to read my bible, pray and be more involved in church activities. Contrary to popular belief being a Christian doesn’t make life a smooth sail. Even Jesus made it clear the kind of battle we fight and the persecutions to follow. Even as a kid I could see that aligning my life with the will of God didn’t come easy and that I was going to get everything right.

I also saw this in the life of my mother. It was like God was teaching us that He is enough. I first hand witnessed what living each day as it comes meant. We didn’t have much but God made sure we were set for each day and the faith I saw in the mother’s eyes gave me hope, the worry was there though. My mother is one of the people who played a huge role in my faith, I am so thankful for her.

Junior school was one of the many times I fell off the wagon. By that time, I didn’t have a clear picture of what Lordship looked like. I wasn’t even aware that being a Christian meant having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I didn’t think the music I listened to, the conversations I had with my friends were a big deal. Being cool and current was the main focus; this was when I got exposed to social media. It was only on the last year of junior school my eyes were open and my ears more attentive to what God had been saying all along.

I climbed back on the wagon.

I think it was the first lesson on a major contribution if not cause of sin most of the time in a man’s life is PASSIVITY!

I am still learning to overcome it even today. There are certain things we get involved in before and after giving our lives back to Christ and it’s not like the bad will mysteriously disappear. A person has to take action and make sure to cut off the bad habits and not fall victim to those things which do not honour God. We can also get consumed in worrying about ‘what people will think if I do this or don’t do that’ and not worry one bit about what God thinks if we do or don’t do something. Pleasing people fuels passivity!

I completed my junior school and moved to senior school. My 17 year old self was still about God and giving Him glory.

That fire burning in all of us when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour needs fueling.

The flame that gets kindled the day one is born again slowly dies when one reads the bible less, prays less, come to fellowship with other believers less and basically wounding their relationship with God. The more we become less involved in the Kingdom of God the more it dwindles. I got to a point in my life where that fire was dying out because I got caught up in doing church and more in my own business and less of God’s business. I remained out of trouble but the passivity battle was weighing down on me.

God helped me counteract the drift before it got worse. After completing my senior school and waiting to go to university I got into an internship in my church and this internship involved youth ministry, lessons on life skills, Bible classes, running Christian abstinence clubs in schools called Reach4Life and I got to do life with other believers in different ways hence growing in the faith. I got to finish one to one discipleship I had started my last year of senior school with a friend named Shannon Shores, a missionary from the US. He was also part of the team that ran the internship program. I got involved more in the church and even had an experience of the great deal of work children’s church/Sunday school teachers have to do. I also got to make a lot of awesome friends. This was in 2015, the same year I got involved in mission work for the first time. It was great experience which has been burning in my heart ever since.

My mind was open to how it is important to be part of the Great commission and not only did I grow in that area, I got to know what having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ looks like and what Lordship meant.

As sweet as things were, they were also so bitter. Like I mentioned before, the Christian life in not an easy life like most people think. But Paul did say we find comfort in the midst of the pain we go through and Jesus said the struggles build perseverance. In the middle of that year my mother started having back problems but it was too early to tell what the problem was. It worsened and she lost movement. Her spine had problems, medical practitioners can explain better than I can, which meant she couldn’t walk. On the other hand my results didn’t come out as I expected so with that adding to my mother’s condition it was so stressful. The responsibility was so much considering that there were two young ones who had to be taken care of. Since that time I have been witnessing God’s hand in an amazing way. We got a lot of support from the church and family. I saw healing in my mother’s life, I am still trusting God for a full recovery. God taught me so many things in that period which I believe prepared me well for university.

I completed the internship program end of November and moved to Gaborone, Botswana in December 2015 for university. I am now studying in IAS Aviation Academy and trust me, it was nothing short of a miracle how God got me into that academy and how I am still holding up even till this day. I am very active in my local church and continue to see God doing great things each and every day.

With Love, WKM.

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