Wesley Katlego Mallege, a returning writer from Molepolole, Botswana. He continues and concludes last weeks journey with this Rising Passion piece, enjoy

God has also blessed me with the art of writing poetry which came to fruition end of November 2014. He has been growing it ever since. There is a piece titled ADDICTION, I wrote this at a time I felt as people we get addicted to so many things trying to fill an emptiness which can only be filled by God.

We fall victim to addiction’s abuse and we lose ourselves. Money, alcohol, drugs, porn, social media are some of the things we can get addicted to and turning them into idols instead of looking to God for fulfillment and being content in him. My hope in writing it and I believe it is God’s will for it is that those who hear or read it and are struggling in that area can pause and say, ’that’s me’ and turn to God for deliverance and depend on him for happiness and fulfillment.

At the core of my mind is a stream of emotions
Antipathy, anxiety and a dash of amusement
I sat down overwhelmed by gluttony
Gorging from a plate of slavery I received open heartedly
It always cracked me up how people give in to your lies
In search for contentment
Until the joke was on me and I was facing the same sentence
Senseless!! I thought it was just ostentatious and I overlooked your commitment
But you wanted more than just a quickie, an engagement
I thought I could anticipate each and every one of your moves
But I was a fool digging my own grave
And like a chess game, my life I was about to lose
Desiccating from the inside out, an inch away from withering away
Into a terrifying and brutal eternity
Leaving this cocoon empty
Even if I could address most respected people in a lobby
A man of great stature. I would still have been a zombie
Dead among the living
All because I hung myself with your noose
Part of a cycle of sin I would not win – bound to lose
I had already gave into the enslavement
When I befriended you to appease my hunger
You became my secret lover
Not even my own mother knew what her son was going through
On the walls of your room hang certificate
On them written, “Best at being insidious”
You never gave a hint to make anyone suspicious
And ripped the best out of me
Because your idea of love was always malicious
Oh addiction! If it wasn’t for the fact that we choose you
I’d lock you away, bury the key under the sea
So that I never see you again
And your devious ways wouldn’t dare ever to cause pain
In the lives of those who like me blindly choose you over the creator
Oh addiction! Let me throw in a contradiction there
Cos I can see you laughing thinking there is no way to get rid of you
Guess who came looking for me, Christ – My maker
He packed all my stuff
You and I, we are no longer married


I was swept off my feet by his peace as it seized me
Then carried away by his grace to a better place
Where deceit, isolation slash segregation and fear are none
I remember prior to this going to church with my mom
Not because I wanted to but was told I had to
I used church as a dose to make me feel better
About the monster I had become
Being sanctimonious slash pretending to be holy
Helped me get rid of tracks which could have been
Traced back to you exposing skeletons in my closet
Oh addiction! Don’t flutter yourself and think
And think I am praising you for all you’ve done to me
Like I had queued for a makeover, Christ changed me
So now I boast in my weakness
And expose your foolishness to those who feel less alive
Without alcohol, porn, social media, drugs and anything you use to trap us


Dear addiction! Your infected fingers will never tickle
My inside and entice me to fall for something that’s less than a nickel
For I am now in a place so beautiful
Wrapped by love so real
A child of the MOST HIGH with nothing to fear
Nothing to conceal, I swim in freedom, joy I feel
By His Word I intend to live
Nothing is more precious you better believe
On addiction’s fantasy we should never sniff
My God is bigger than addiction
And that I believe!
You see addiction
In my father’s Kingdom there is no place for you
If you thought there was then
Your level of stupidity is worse than I thought
I believe in a God who justifies the ungodly
With a price we have been bought
And given the free gift of life. You were never in his thoughts


Dear beloved take heed of these five things
5: When we cry to God he says DONE
4: We find freedom in his SON
3: He does not care even if your sins weigh a TONE
2: Getting to know and love him back is a lot of FUN
1: Let us not put all our time, our trust, our hope, our focus
And dependency on anything other than
Giving HONOUR and GLORY to Christ our LORD

With Love, WKM


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