O Etla// Selfless Generation

Rising Tswana’s Kutlo Olerilwe, shares his experience at the Selfless Generation song launch titled “O Etla” which translates to, He is coming!

This past April, Selfless Generation launched their first ever single titled ‘O Etla’ which in English simply translates to ‘He is coming’. The single launch took place at Acts Church in Gaborone to a room packed with people who came out to support the contemporary gospel band.

Since its inception over 5 years ago in Malaysia, ‘O Etla’ has been a favourite song amongst their diehard fans; it carries a very powerful message of hope with rich yet very simple Setswana lyrics.

Selfless Generation worked with one of the best, if not the best producers in the country, Tshepo Lesole, on producing and recording live the single at his Hi-Note Studios. It was therefore no surprise that on the day the launch was already sold out, this was evidence of the great expectation those who turned out were harbouring.

The launch was officially opened with a hearty word of prayer from former Selfless Generation bass player Karabo Olerilwe, paving way for Lazarus Takawira, an elder at Acts Church Botswana, who not only welcomed everyone to the venue but also reminded those in attendance that they were in church with a few profound words of Scripture. Both opening acts on the night were amazing poets who delivered beautifully recited poems, first on stage was Poetymind Alefeng followed by Mass Bokamoso. The gentlemen were clearly not foreign to the stage.

In the stead of Tshepo Lesole, who on the night was engaged elsewhere spoke a colleague of his, Mr Clyde. He spoke on the first time he worked with Selfless Generation and realising how disciplined and passionate they were about their ministry, in conclusion he gave the band brotherly yet professional advice for their future endeavours. The moment that everyone had been waiting for had finally arrived; the suspense was steadily building to hear, for the very first time ‘O Etla’.

The lyric video was projected on the screen and the song began, for the next 4 minutes the Acts Church hall was taken on a soulful musical voyage.

One gentleman in an attempt to capture the experience in words said “It was like we were walking through heavens gates”. Immediately after the listening session, Selfless Generation took to the stage and performed 4 songs all written by the members of the band. At the end of the fourth song and the end of the show, the congregation was definitely not ready to leave just yet, pleading with the band to perform ‘O Etla’ one last time.

From where I stand, the single launch was a huge success for Selfless Generation and if anything it should be an indication for even greater projects to come in the future.

“I love the song because it echoes the hope that we have in Christ. The promise that he will come back in glory and every eye will behold Him” ~ Gloria Rankgoane

With Love, KO.

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