Thank You

The Rising Tswana Team would like to thank all our readers and writers for an incredible two years of fanning into flame of gifts, passions and purpose. We have for the past two years shared many poems, many stories and honest recollections of the way God is at work in our individuals lives. We also would like to extend a special shout out to those who have made time to attend our Writers Meets and the speakers who have spoken at these events.

We are currently throwing back on our Facebook some of our articles over the years and hope you will join us there in celebration. We hope you have enjoyed and been impacted by our work on this blog all in hopes that we bring glory and honor to the Creator and will continue on this journey with us.

We always looking for authentic work and creatives to join with us. So, do connect with us and share your story with us.

With Love, The Rising Tswana Team

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Don’t believe the hype

Lesego Otlhabanye is the founder of Rising Tswana. Enjoy!

2017 began on an interesting note for me. After doing some work, behind the shadows I was all of a sudden catapulted in to the limelight. I was taking up more leadership roles, aggressively working to ensure I performed at work and doing all that I could to stay ahead in every area of my life. This of course came with recognition from friends, to acquaintances to complete strangers. I imagine sometimes, one might perceive me as someone who has “made it”. In fact I might as well believed it for myself as well.

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The Public Servant//Review

Rising Tswana’s Kutlo Olerilwe, shares his experience at the Public Servant Book Launch by Lazarus Takawira, Enjoy!

If you do not know the name Lazarus Takawira, I suggest you get yourself acquainted with it; my very informed prediction is that very soon, it will be a household name.

I had the privilege of attending the book launch of ‘The Public Servant’ by Lazarus Takawira recently at the University of Botswana Library Auditorium. I haven’t attended a lot of book launches before; however, far was this book launch from being any ordinary launch, why you ask?

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