No Season is Left to Waste

Refilwe Kerekang loves creating opportunities and developing environment that exercise growth, she is the Founder of Purple Crown Society. She attends His People Church. Enjoy!

It’s been a while since I wrote my last article and mainly because when life is busy happening to you, you almost want to see how the story will end before you share about it. In this case, I figured my story is FAR from reaching its peak so there is absolutely no harm in this…I hope.

“No season is left to waste”. This is the mantra that keeps me from losing all shades of hope through my seasons. In all honesty, I only remember this mantra when life has me on the ropes, having tried it my way for days on end only to find myself in a ball of anxiety, frustration and negativity. And when it seems as though life has count me out, hearing the words “it’s not that deep girl, change the color of your nail polish and see if that doesn’t cheer you up” or something along those lines lets me know that I’ll be ok. It’s literally the simplest moments that calm your raging oceans.

With seasons changing and learning new things about myself, a couple of things are clearer to me now;

  1. Be Humble

This will always be a tough nugget for me but sometimes God simply needs room to set out His perfect plan over my life without my loud mouth and opinion getting in the way. With my line of career; being the Chairperson of an organization, it is literally my job to plan, design and overlook the execution of activities.

My decision orchestrates the direction of the organization, so imagine the difficulty of carrying such a complex into my faith. Selah.

I have never been one to be deemed as proud but in the eyes of my Father, I can never think of myself as perfect, there is always work to be done to look more like Christ. Know when to speak and act coming from a place of love. Be humble, don’t think too much of yourself and be weary of pride and greed, it stains the soul.

  1. Remember the picture

John 15:5 reads; I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. Our individual lives are only but a grain of sand of the brick used to build the Kingdom of God.

The glory packed in each of our lives is just enough weight to ensure we play our part in His story of being our perfect good Father.

Therefore, in essence, whatever catastrophic event and turmoil you are experiencing is nothing but a crumb God can dissolve in a breath. In addition to that, if any achievement you gain does not glorify Him, it is a waste of time. There is always a bigger picture being drawn and your life is the paint brush on His canvas, trust the good Lord to direct the brush as He desires because you know He does so in love. Fighting Him and ultimately your life’s path will only complicate things for you and delays the glory waiting on the other side. Do not deny Him the color your life illuminates in this lifetime, He will never steer you wrong.

  1. It’s never about you

In a year my life has had a 360 degree turn in every aspect; personally, professionally and spiritually. Time for preparation was a delicacy as I constantly found myself having to adapt and make room for the new updates, it truly is not fun but shifts are necessary. I recently discovered a song that is the perfect theme song to my life by Fantasia; Necessary. In her lyrics she says “God told us to tell you everything you are going through is necessary”.

That hit me like a tonne of bricks; that everything I go through is not about me being an imperfect child but is simply necessary to ensure God has all the glory.

I had to change my perspective and believe that if I walk in love and light, trials will continue to happen but it’s my reaction that matters most. Do I blow up, use my rather “not clean words” and push back or I take a breath and react from a higher place; choosing my fights and not making a fool of myself. The more I allow myself to be engulfed in my problems and believing it’s an attack towards me as a person, and not allow His light to lead the way out, the more I idolize the problem and not the King.


One of the most beautiful gifts we have as children of the Most High. If there is a gift that has always made a way for me is one of creativity, it has always given me the fuel and permission to reach deeper in my bag if treats to see something come to life. This treat comes in handy in times of survival, where nothing is left to waste and no time for leisure, where your next move literally determines your following season.

Creativity is something we should celebrate and drive out from within ourselves as a tool to keep afloat in times of despair.

Despair in principle brings the simulation of death, which can only be fought with bringing something to life; creating something and birthing it through your life. It could be through anything, a new meal recipe, painting or even a hair style, but I urge you to go ahead and bring something to life. Create.

These are my nuggets of truth as I may call them. They aren’t perfect but what in this lifetime is. One thing is for certain, keep going, you’re doing just fine.

With Love, RK.

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