Unseen Heroes

Andy Moithuti Batlhophi a returning writer is a Business Developer. Being passionate about Africa’s development, Andy aims to establish himself, within the few years, in community development.Enjoy!

If there is one thing I have recently learnt to appreciate, is seeing the beauty in small. Haven’t you realized the only way to hear the sweet and subtle sounds of nature, you must learn to quiet down everything around you, to listen to the melodious sounds of the birds and to the shape shifting breeze of the trees.
There is a constant war between your Mind (External Thoughts) and your Spirit (Voice Within).

To block out the thoughts of your mind, you must quiet down everything, to listen to the voice within.

In our time, we celebrate the Stock brokers who lynch the big deals, the software engineers who create search engines like Google, the highly charismatic speakers like Tony Robbins, and the television personalities like Oprah Winfrey.
All this but forgetting the people who shape the lives of those we publicly celebrate.
Without the nanny, most successful families would fail when it came to raising their children. With the father flying from one country to the next, and the mother taking one shift after the other, who would the child spend most of his time with?
This is the story of my life.
My father being a consultant, was always in the air, travelling from one country to the next, and my mother being a nurse, was always on shifts. So my siblings and I spent most of our time with our nannies.Some nannies were heroes in teaching us core life principles. One principle I have learnt is this;

Learn to clean up your surrounding and you will build the habit to always tidying up your life.

But of course some of the nannies we had, personally taught me not so good habits, which caused me to live the life I did.

It is not wrong for us to celebrate the people who have made it, but we must never neglect the very people who shape the lives we are living today.
The nanny might never share how she groomed the life of the billionaire we see on the front cover of Vanity Fair, but the billionaire should within himself, recognize the people who helped in crafting the celebrity we see today.

For every diamond ring, there is a diamond polisher.

A Thank you goes a long way to the unseen heroes who shape our lives!

With Love, AMB.

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