Why He did it

Andy Moithuti Batlhophi a returning writer is a Business Developer. Being passionate about Africa’s development, Andy aims to establish himself, within the few years, in community development.Enjoy!

We describe him as a savior, we deem him as the carrier of Grace. He not only bought without money, but also owned without asking.

Like a child not asking for a surname, he has a name above all names.

I know who you are thinking about, and yes you are right!

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If my mind was stuck somewhere else

Sesame Samantha Marumo, a retunring writer,  is a mover and shaker of life who believes that all people are created to serve their surroundings through all their talents and personalities. She does this through her gift of words; she is the author of the highly inspirational book titled “Agent of Change” and she is an exceptional modern musical Poet.Enjoy!

If ever my mind was stuck somewhere else.

Like if I zoned only into my success and generations remained with much less.

The nations projects… incase I saw them as vehicle for my own progress.

I am regretful. Please forgive me.

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Church Rise Up

Loago Kgosietsile, a returning writer is a graduate lives and works in Palapye, Botswana. She is an avid reader and occasionally write notes her blog Elgeesite and loves traveling.She believes in women empowerment and admires women who strive towards becoming the best versions of themselves.She is a member of the Pentecostal Holiness Church. Enjoy!

Weeks back as I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline I came across a powerful post about people being hurt by the church. I shared the post to some people because it resonated with me in so many ways and I was compelled to write this piece.

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