Church Rise Up

Loago Kgosietsile, a returning writer is a graduate lives and works in Palapye, Botswana. She is an avid reader and occasionally write notes her blog Elgeesite and loves traveling.She believes in women empowerment and admires women who strive towards becoming the best versions of themselves.She is a member of the Pentecostal Holiness Church. Enjoy!

Weeks back as I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline I came across a powerful post about people being hurt by the church. I shared the post to some people because it resonated with me in so many ways and I was compelled to write this piece.

Most people have at least once in their lifetime stopped going to church. Some stop going because of sicknesses, different geographical locations and some stop going because they have been hurt by the church.

I always feel for those people who stop going to church because they have been hurt by the church.

It really breaks my heart to hear someone talking about how the church has failed them. It breaks my heart because in my world the church should be our solace.

 It should be our safe haven. I believe that church is a place where we should feel closest to heaven, where we should imagine what conversing with angels daily is like.

I understand that the church comprises of people. People who are not perfect but I also want to believe that people at church are Christians who have common goals. Goals that include; glorifying God, worshipping God and winning more souls to the Kingdom of God by spreading the gospel and the love of God. A couple of weeks back my pastor shared about love being the master key of everything and this struck me and I couldn’t stop asking myself questions like; Why is it difficult for Christians to use this master key at all times? Why is it that we find people having squabbles in church? Why do we have people holding grudges and mis-treating others to the extent that some end up leaving the church?

The second greatest commandment in the Bible commands us to love our neighbour as ourselves (Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31). It is said that the command “love one another” appears eleven times in the bible and I believe that it appears so many times for emphasis on how we really ought to love each other. I believe that all these commands came about because

God knew that if we love one another we would be able to conquer everything. The Bible tells us in John 4:8 that He who does not love does not know God.

It also goes on to tell us that love covers a multitude of sins in Proverbs 10:12. If these two verses speak of love so highly imagine what Christians could do for the Kingdom of God if they put them into practice.

As Christians may we seek God’s face and go back to the drawing board so that we stop using the church as a battlefield against each other. May we only use the church for spiritual warfare against evil forces not against each other. We cannot say that we love God but end up hating and hurting a fellow Christian.

If we cannot maintain the spark of love amongst ourselves and accept one another into God’s family, what are we before the eyes of the Lord?

The Bible in John 4:20 says whoever claims to love God yet hates their brother or sister is a liar for whoever does not love their brother and sister whom they have seen cannot love God whom they have not seen.

If you have stopped going to church because of the disappointment or hurt you have experienced there, rise up, pray and do not lose focus on God. Pray for those who hurt you and forgive them. In as much as we may be hurt by the church in different ways, at the end of the day the ball is thrown back to our courts to play.

Go back to church and show them what they should have done in the first place- spreading love.

Fellow Christians let us hoist the standard of the church to the highest level by simply remembering how God sacrificed his only son because of the love he had for us.

We love because he first loved us. Let’s press on towards the mark of the high calling.

With Love, LK.

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