If my mind was stuck somewhere else

Sesame Samantha Marumo, a retunring writer,  is a mover and shaker of life who believes that all people are created to serve their surroundings through all their talents and personalities. She does this through her gift of words; she is the author of the highly inspirational book titled “Agent of Change” and she is an exceptional modern musical Poet.Enjoy!

If ever my mind was stuck somewhere else.

Like if I zoned only into my success and generations remained with much less.

The nations projects… incase I saw them as vehicle for my own progress.

I am regretful. Please forgive me.

This position of leadership, the pressure is intense.

Excuses don’t make things right I know, but non the less, I must confess.

I did not know, the damage would be this immense.


If ever my heart was stuck somewhere else.

Like if I thought my position gave me the right to undress, anyone wearing a dress, those my age and much much less.

Please forgive me. I didn’t know I was creating women who were incapable of seeing themselves as more than just a mistress.


If ever my service was somewhere else.

Like if I forgot to mentor and raise young leaders of excellence,didn’t teach you how to maintain integrity and peace while your opinions are fully expressed.

I apologise, I dint realize that I was breeding future leaders who will later supress their greatness, risk  fading into nothingness, I see how now they do anything to fill up positions and take up tittles. ..What a mess

as your father, your mother, your relative elder. as your national leader, your high school teacher, the house help who took care of you and your little sister. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better leader.

Please forgive me, let go of your anger, so you can be free to be a much better leader. The type who isn’t handicapped by bitter and anger.

So If ever my mind was stuck somewhere else, like if I forgot to rightfully hand over the baton, always saying you are the leaders of tomorrow, yet tomorrow never arriving. Selling you hope but never really allowing, calling your princes and princesses but never crowning.

Not many of us should become a teacher because us who we teach will receive a judgment that is much greater.  Humble yourself and you will be lifted indeed.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,rather in humility value others above yourself and you will see.

Not look looking to your own interests but looking to the interest of others, the reward is greater and more fulfilling, trust me I had to see it just to believe.

Through these words I ask you to forgive, us leaders, who didn’t give, our servanthood the way we led you to believe.

Now listen very carefully, do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for everyone in your speech, in your conduct, in your love for others, in your faith and in your purity.

Do your best to show yourself as one who is approved, a worker who cannot be ashamed because you rightfully handle truth, you study what and where you need to, you perfect your skill and you will be presented before kings.

Be sure to always know the condition of all that is entrusted to you, assets, money, flocks, because riches do not endure forever. Above all hand over your life, to the one who gave life to you. The one who gave up his life for you. Then you will know the connection between this life… and you.

Just like that, I’ve  handed over to you. The shaping the colouring, the characterizing of Our home now belong to you.

With Love SSM.


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