O Etla// Selfless Generation

Rising Tswana’s Kutlo Olerilwe, shares his experience at the Selfless Generation song launch titled “O Etla” which translates to, He is coming!

This past April, Selfless Generation launched their first ever single titled ‘O Etla’ which in English simply translates to ‘He is coming’. The single launch took place at Acts Church in Gaborone to a room packed with people who came out to support the contemporary gospel band.

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We Will Worship

We Will Worship is a band that has successfully crafted a style for a new generation of South African gospel lover. Deeply grounded in traditional South African gospel sounds, yet fused with a distinct creative flair, their music has made major inroads within the gospel scene and has made them forerunners within the contemporary gospel genre.

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Writer’s Meet|Passion

This week, Phodiso Mpotokwane, friend to Rising Tswana shares his review of our forth edition of our Writer’s Meets event. Enjoy

Passion; often times a word thrown around loosely to describe things we mildly like carrot cake, chakalaka and a Setswana food item-whose-name-I-can’t-remember-but-rhymes-with-tots. But what does passion do? As in what is its function in the life of an actual human being who is called by the name of Christ? What sorts of things manifest themselves where pseudo pharisaic zeal is thrown into issues of life, the kingdom and the Godhead? To find out we had Eteng Mohwasa and Lazarus Takawira to share some of their experiences in the journey of life Eteng currently owns and runs Body Signature and Beauty Spa as well as MoCupcakes.

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Jeso o Rena mo Botswana

The now Jeso O Rena Mo Botswana(Jesus reigns in Botswana) are prayer walks organised by the Unashamed Movement Botswana, and the first year (2013) it was called God Belongs in My City in partnership with the organization with the same name in the USA (GBIMC), and after that they decided to organise prayer walks on their own called JESO O RENA MO BOTSWANA. It starts this year at Main Mall under the Coat of Arms opposite Civic Centre at 6am and ends with a celebration concert from 12pm-6pm at the Main Mall piazza between President Hotel and FNB.

I have never been the one to make a big deal out of anything, but I think it’s a pretty big deal to pray for the country.

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