Five Rebel Girls of the Bible

Nina Dafe is the founder and editor of the, and author of “The Ultimate Guide to Eve” (set for release July 31st). Her mission is to help women understand God’s blueprint to womanhood and become the woman He ordained them to be. Start her free email course  at Understand God’s Blueprint for Womanhood in 5 Days. Enjoy!

Recently I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a video from Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo (of called “If Cinderella were a Guy”. Through this video, they highlight the fact that women are impacted by misogyny as early as childhood for the following reasons:

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Identity Check

Katlo Botho Mokoba is a graduate from Monash University, BA in Business and Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and E-Business. She is A Lover of life, food people & the arts, Last of three children,  who hails from Serowe . She is Passionate about all things melanin and social media . She is Dying daily, living freely, and loving unconditionally because He first loved Her. Enjoy!

Some time ago I saw a rather interesting post, actually very funny if I have to say. The whole post was basically a punt to tomboys and was titled “the problem of dating #tomboy”. Let me just first make a slight grammatical correction to the title which I believe would be much appreciated “the problem WITH dating a #tomboy” and I want to add on to say that the major problem with actually dating a tomboy is, there is none.

For those that are secure and sure of their identity in Christ they cannot fear titles or labels that follow that outward appearance.

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