What will it take

Lisa Bokani Motsu  is a Christian young girl aged 17 who
has found the love in writing as she believes that writing is the core of life. Lisa attends Francistown Senior Secondary School and she is currently doing form four.Just from a tender age writing has always been her passion. Her best
interest is going to church because in the house of God she feels his presence. She Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Portland Oregon she strives
to live above sin. She can testify to say that Jesus lives and He can save. Enjoy!

She hits her head so hard on the wall surrounded with a bellyful of troubles and the feelings of depression, pain, disappointments and anger engulfs her mind and eats her up like cancer in its final stage. Teared up into pieces with no one to rescue her because of the deep and bizarre violation,pressure and molestation she has endured. Robbed of her womanhood that she had wished so hard to preserve until the day she will utter her vows before the congregation and say, “I do” to the man who she will be solemnized with in a rightful mannered way. I was only a fool to believe that a signed piece of paper with over a thousand delegates to sign it would officially end sex slave work and in the ground it will buried and never resurrect again. As I isolate myself from the world, racked with pain and all day long, walking around filled with grief and terror.

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Kwame Samuel Rubadiri,age 20, grew up in Gaborone but lives in Berlin. He moved there to do a gap year (internship) at the Every Nation Kirche Berlin and during his time there, God slowly began to extend his stay by planting the idea of studying Psychology there as well.He always enjoys reading a good book, sometimes in German too.He loves to sing and fellowship with friends. Although,he is also really looking forward to see revival breakout in Germany and witness a nation that gave us the Bible, turn back to God. 

Father, where are you taking me

Father, through the fog it’s hard to see


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You are the Mark

Resego Otlhabanye is a twenty something year old with nothing but sunshine and melody. She serves under worship at His People Church and works at Adapt IT. She studied in Malaysia is an Advisor for Rising Tswana. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was OutKast, The Misfits, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Rebels, Odd Foot of Grunts, Mayhem, you name it. The list is quite endless.

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Who Are You

Phomolo Wendy Matleelane loves reading, writing poetry and jotting down insights. She attends Compass International Ministries. She currently works as a Research Assistant at the Ministry of Local Government in Gaborone. God has faithfully pursued her with His love for so many years. For Him, she waits. Enjoy!

The current struggle that we have today inside and outside the church is fitting in. It is apparent often God allows things to happen to us to rock our boats so that we come to our senses. You can call it a mighty divine interruption as we are on our way to distraction onto the rails of destiny. Then only do we get time to be touched by God. It reminds me of the former Saul of Tarsus who later became the famous epistle writer of all time Apostle Paul. The Bible records that while on his way to Tarsus on a very passionate mission to massacre Christians, the Lord appeared to him. I mean Jesus turned his horse upside down, log stalk and barrel, which left him struck blind for a period that lasted 3 days. The whole encounter changed Saul’s life completely and generationally continues to change our lives today. Hence the poem below…….!

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Thrilled to share for the second time  from Zimbabwe, Dumo Nyathi. She graduated with a LLB(Hons) from University of London. She is passionate about being passionate. She is fuelled by the desire to give people passion for their lives, career and ministry. She is a long time Sunday School teacher and peer leader so influencing and nurturing minds is one of her gifts.She currently attends River of life International. Enjoy!

Of late I’ve taken to asking myself ‘what would Jesus do?’ I wish I could say it’s for some invocational reason or that I find myself at a newer level of spirituality but sadly it’s not. Au contraire I find myself living in the most spiritually trying and tiring times in what is one of the most oxymoronic countries in the world: Zimbabwe.

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My Only Hope was Help

Jarryd Pearson is a young writer, student studying his Bachelor in Theology at South African Theological Seminary and he is a youth leader at his church 3CI and the founder of Please Help Me 180. A transformed former Atheist and drug addict- Jarryd Pearson now uses his experience in overcoming obstacles, by God’s grace, to confront, challenge, inspire and direct those who are seeking help and searching for change. Enjoy!

For the wages of sin is death

How can something utterly worthless, cost so very much?

If Jesus, who is life and the vine to which we are attached, allows for us to bare the fruits of love, joy, peace and so on, then by definition sin, which leads to death, is the process in which we poison these fruits. So essentially you are buying hate, depression, uncertainty and their likes and paying for it with your life.

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A Sister in Waiting

Tshegofatso Mitchell Gababotse, Last born and the only girl in a family of 5. I am from Serowe currently staying in Gaborone and working as an Office Administrator in Finance Park in a company called Ziden. She goes to Pentecostal Holiness Church, Gaborone where she serves as a worship team member.Her greatest passion is seeing women live up to what is inside of them. She gets an exciting bubbling feeling inside  whenever she sees a woman doing something in the church. Her verses to everyone who feel they have lost their blessings and they are troubled are Job 20:15 and Exodus 14:14.Enjoy!

“When are you getting married?” “You look so beautiful” “your boyfriend is one lucky guy”. These are words often heard by sisters and it seems to be the in thing these days. I get surprised at how people are perplexed when I tell them I do not have a boyfriend. Does it sound weird for me not to be in a relationship? I wonder. At times I actually feel I do not even need one. Listen, the truth is I am still learning my worth, still coming into terms with the fact that there is someone who loves me so dearly, someone that thought of me and  wanted to die for me.

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Identity Check

Katlo Botho Mokoba is a graduate from Monash University, BA in Business and Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and E-Business. She is A Lover of life, food people & the arts, Last of three children,  who hails from Serowe . She is Passionate about all things melanin and social media . She is Dying daily, living freely, and loving unconditionally because He first loved Her. Enjoy!

Some time ago I saw a rather interesting post, actually very funny if I have to say. The whole post was basically a punt to tomboys and was titled “the problem of dating #tomboy”. Let me just first make a slight grammatical correction to the title which I believe would be much appreciated “the problem WITH dating a #tomboy” and I want to add on to say that the major problem with actually dating a tomboy is, there is none.

For those that are secure and sure of their identity in Christ they cannot fear titles or labels that follow that outward appearance.

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Nina Dafe is a British born Nigerian living in the UK, she has a real love for communication; as such she is a Speech and Language Therapist by profession with a real passion for blogging, writing and teaching. Her writing style consists of poetry, reflections and essays- all of which have been tied into her book compositions about the matriarchs of the Christian faith. She is most inspired by seeing people manifest their potential through the execution of their God-given talents, vision and purpose. She hopes to empower women, especially, to rise up and demonstrate such gifts through efforts such as The Far Above Rubies Collection (Faraboverubiescollection.com). She is currently an e-member of The Potters House (Dallas).Enjoy!

Potiphar’s wife makes her cameo in the Bible in Genesis 39. To summarise the chapter, for those who don’t recognise this name, she was the one responsible for having Joseph (of technicolour dream coat fame) put in jail under false rape allegations. She is therefore usually represented as one of the vixens or femme fatales of the Bible. Villain though she may be viewed as, her life was significant and therefore contains content that we can learn from.

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