Nina Dafe is a British born Nigerian living in the UK, she has a real love for communication; as such she is a Speech and Language Therapist by profession with a real passion for blogging, writing and teaching. Her writing style consists of poetry, reflections and essays- all of which have been tied into her book compositions about the matriarchs of the Christian faith. She is most inspired by seeing people manifest their potential through the execution of their God-given talents, vision and purpose. She hopes to empower women, especially, to rise up and demonstrate such gifts through efforts such as The Far Above Rubies Collection ( She is currently an e-member of The Potters House (Dallas).Enjoy!

Potiphar’s wife makes her cameo in the Bible in Genesis 39. To summarise the chapter, for those who don’t recognise this name, she was the one responsible for having Joseph (of technicolour dream coat fame) put in jail under false rape allegations. She is therefore usually represented as one of the vixens or femme fatales of the Bible. Villain though she may be viewed as, her life was significant and therefore contains content that we can learn from.

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