Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Phodiso Mpotokwane, a returning writer, is a young man from a small village in an even smaller country. A holder of a BA Hons International Business degree and an award winning varsity debater, he has a passion for value importation. Phodiso is involved with non profit organizations that include Orate Africa and Purple Crown Society and attends Methodist Church. His passions including writing (when he actually forces words on to the word processor),Instagram and studying the gift of life. Enjoy!

Wentworth Miller. Heard of him? No? Neither had I until there was a Facebook meme (Social media again…#GrassGreenerOrJustFilter) poking fun at his weight gain post shooting ‘Prison break’. The joke went something along the lines of ‘What happens when you escape prison and find McDonalds has a special on’. Admittedly I didn’t find the joke funny, not because it was poking fun at another human being but simply because it as funny as unemployment. HOWEVER, other people DID find it funny and the subject of the joke felt it necessary to ‘clear the air’ on the nexus of the whole thing.

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