Committed Love for the Word

Andy Batlhophi is a young philanthropic consultant amongst other things. Studying for a major in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at the University of Botswana, Andy has developed business ideas for a number of young people in Botswana. Andy has most recently founded a Social Enterprise by the name Social Guide Botswana, which is aimed at assisting Not-for-Profit organizations in advertising their day-to-day events whilst also offering consultancy services to ensure their NGOs are effectively run. Andy is also a subsequent blogger and blogs at Andy Batlhophi attends Royal Assembly Ministries International serving as part of Protocol and Ushering, after giving his life in January 2014. He chooses to align his Life according to how God’s plan is concerning his Life. Enjoy!

‘To Be Called, Or Not To Be Called’ – That should not even be the question

God is looking for men and women who can be termed as Die-Hard Christians. The irony of this is that the devil is after the same people. The most used people in a Life-time are people who are completely devoted to what they believe in. The devil is also looking for committed sinners. Individuals who have chosen to take delight in the counsel of the devil.

Over history you will find that the different men and women who were used either believed fervently in the Word of God or they took counsel from the devil. Men and Women like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, John G Lake, Evan Roberts, Kathrine Kuhlman, John Alexander Dowie were completely sold out to believing in the Word of God. These Great men and women of God were used by God in the 70s and 80s to carry out God’s mandate concerning the Great Commission. The individuals stories of these men and women shows that before being used there was a point where they each had an encounter with the Holy Spirit leading to the zeal driving them to preach the Gospel in all parts of the World.

“I have said nothing but what I am willing to live by and, if it be the pleasure of the Almighty God, die by.” – Abraham Lincoln.

God is waiting for men and women who will jump into the pool without asking how deep it is, he is waiting believers who will pray over the health of someone without caring about the extent of the sickness.

It all begins with a single step and answering one question: “How far do you want to go in your walk with God.” God is searching for a group of people who will volunteer and say: “I AM HERE”

It’s a Blessing to be called by him

One of the revelations I got when writing this is

Is that God needs mature Christians who will decide to serve him.

He said He calls because if he doesn’t you won’t come

Can you come without God having to call?

Die-Hard Christians of today need to purpose in their hearts,

That they will serve him in every way he wants to be served,

Don’t wait for my call; says God,


In Joel 2:28, God reveals to us what happens when his presence is felt. A dream from God is one the lowest points of communication God can use. Don’t wait to be shown a vision of what you are to become. He says; Come and Await My Instruction. You must first purpose in your heart and as he sees that burning desire in you, he will speak to you to the level that you desire him to. Prophet B.F Ramogapi has said that God is always speaking. It’s unto us to give him an ear to listen.

The Great Commission of which Dr. Myles Munroe refers to as the Leadership Commission, says that we are to go into the world and announce the message of God’s good news to one and all [Mark 16:15 ,MSG]. Lets Not Wait To Be Called. We know what to do. God is waiting for you to take a STEP OF FAITH!

With Love, AB.

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